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Agency ID1521
TitlePolice Department, Police Service Commissioner's Office
Agency TypeBusiness unit or division
Start Date 1/1/1864
End Date Current
Date NotesN/A

Responsible for the conduct of the police force and administration of the police department

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Series IDTitleFromTo
18166Addresses and Cars Register, Brisbane N/A N/A
8680Attestation Book N/A N/A
8604Circular Memoranda and General Order Books N/A N/A
8676Circular Memoranda Books N/A N/A
14812Correspondence and Reports N/A N/A
18167Correspondence Index, Brisbane N/A N/A
18168Diary of Duty and Occurrences Book, Brisbane N/A N/A
17652Electoral Poster N/A N/A
14824General Orders N/A N/A
8595Index to Staff Files N/A N/A
8617Letterbook N/A N/A
16553Log of Police Boat "Vigilant" N/A N/A
16861Manual of Police Regulations N/A N/A
8679Miscellaneous Items N/A N/A
7105Police Pay and Allowances Index N/A N/A
17397Press Cutting Books N/A N/A
8606Register of Changes in the Force N/A N/A
8609Register of Collar Numbers N/A N/A
18239Register of Officers [microfilm] N/A N/A
8614Register of Pay and Allowances N/A N/A
18165Report Book N/A N/A
16865General Correspondence - Police Commissioner's Office 1/1/1864 31/12/1987
8843Police Station Files 1/1/1865 31/12/1983
4190Murder Files (administrative) 1/1/1884 2/4/1992
14822Letterbook 19/2/1898 24/8/1899
18164Summonses to Witness Register, Brisbane - Police Commissioner's Office 16/5/1901 29/6/1979
7439Card Index 1/1/1910 30/6/1970
8681Certificates of Discharge - Police Department, Police Service Commissioner's Office 29/5/1912 11/4/1921
8607Register of Prosecutions under the Liquor Act 17/9/1916 9/6/1924
16863Queensland Policeman's Manual 1/7/1939 31/12/1953
17548Name Cards (Card Index of Surnames, Business Names and Locations) 1/1/1940 31/12/1992
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Establishing Police Act 1863
Abolishing N/A
Administered Police Act 1863
Police Acts 1937- 1989
Police Service Administration Act 1990
Police Powers and Responsibilities Act 2000
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The "Police Act of 1863" which came into operation on 1 Jan 1864 established a centralised system of policing under a Commissioner of Police.The Commissioner was responsible for all staff including recruitment, training, and appointments, as well as administrative and operational matters. Police District Inspectors and Chief Inspectors of Native Police reported directly to the Commissioner.

In 1864 the Commissioner reported to the Under-Secretary of the Colonial-Secretary's Office, but by 1911 the Commissioner was reporting directly to the Home Secretary and the Minister responsible for subsequent portfolios.

The Commissioner was responsible for the efficiency, discipline and good conduct, and performance of the Police Force in carrying out the functions of preservation of life and property, prevention and detection of crime, and the preservation of peace and good order.

The organisational structure of the Police Department remained substantially unchanged for many years. However, with increased specialisation, the introduction of modern policing methods, and greater administrative burdens, by 1970 the Criminal Investigation Branch, Licensing Branch, Traffic Branch and Water Police operated separately from the 18 Police Districts which controlled 303 police stations. Major changes in organisational structure were introduced in the 1970s with the establishment of police regions comprising a number of police districts under a Regional Superintendent responsible for staff, administrative and some operational matters and statistics. Under the Commissioner, supported by a Deputy -Commissioner, four Assistant- Commissioners responsible for Personnel and Training, Crime and Services, Operations, and Traffic and General were also appointed.

Since the 1989 Commission of Inquiry (Fitzgerald Inquiry) into "Possible Illegal Activities and Associated Police Misconduct", and subsequent reviews, the Police Service has undergone substantial change in its operational environment, organisation and accountability. The "Police Service Administration Act 1990" established the Queensland Police Service and the office of the Commissioner of the Police Service.

Colonial Secretary 1 Jan 1864 - 6 Aug 1896
Home Secretary 6 Aug 1896 - 5 Dec 1935
Secretary for Health and Home Affairs 5 Dec 1935 - 10 Mar 1952
Secretary for Labour and Industry 10 Mar 1952 - 12 Aug 1957
Minister for Labour and Industry 12 Aug 1957 - 1 Feb 1962
Minister for Education and Migration 1 Feb 1962 - 26 Sep 1962
Minister for Labour and Industry 26 Sep 1962 - 28 Jan 1965
Miniser for Education 28 Jan 1965 - 17 Jan 1968
Minister for Works and Housing 17 Jan 1968 - 8 Aug 1968
Premier and Minister for State Development 8 Aug 1968 - 29 May 1969
Minister for Works and Housing 29 May 1969 - 23 Dec 1974
Minister for Police 23 Dec 1974 -

Police Investment Board 31 Dec 1891 - 22 Dec 1959
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Queensland State Archives Agency ID1521, Police Department, Police Service Commissioner's Office
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Last updated 9 September 2016
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