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Agency ID1514
TitleImmigration Department
Agency TypeDepartment
Start Date 30/12/1859
End Date 11/10/1940
Date NotesN/A

Responsible for encouragement and administration of immigration to Queensland

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Series IDTitleFromTo
13108Indexes to Registers of Immigrant Ships Arriving in Queensland 1/1/1848 31/12/1923
13086Registers of Immigrant Ships' Arrivals 15/4/1848 25/12/1912
13103Lists of Ships Arriving in Queensland 1/1/1859 31/12/1940
13139Register of the Issue of 18 Pounds' (£18) Land Orders 14/2/1861 3/3/1863
13153Index to the Names of Immigrants in the Register of Land Order Claims Made by Shippers 1/11/1862 31/8/1866
13151Register of the Issue of Transferable Land Orders 4/11/1862 7/8/1866
13144Register of Land Order Claims 11/11/1862 19/2/1864
8598Copy of Passenger List of the Ship, "Conway" 27/11/1862 27/11/1862
13154Registers of the Issue of Second Land Orders 12/3/1863 16/12/1875
13146Register of 30-Acre Land Orders 20/6/1864 23/6/1864
13145Register of 18 Pounds' (£ 18) and 30 pounds' (£30) Land Orders 20/6/1864 25/11/1873
18514Register of 30 pounds' (£30) Land Orders 20/7/1864 13/1/1866
13119Letterbook of the Land Order Office 5/1/1865 15/7/1867
13092List of Pacific Island Labourers 1/12/1865 3/1/1904
13122Register of Pacific Islanders 1/1/1870 31/12/1903
13127Card Register of Immigrants 10/2/1870 24/6/1878
18515Register of 40-Acre Non-Transferable Land Orders 14/7/1870 21/8/1876
13137Register of Land Orders issued on payment of undertakings 28/10/1870 10/11/1874
13148Register of Land Orders Issued to employers 27/11/1872 13/9/1875
13124Register of New Land Orders granted under the "Land Orders Acts 1872 - 1874" 1/1/1873 27/2/1877
13123Register of the Issue of 20 Pounds' (£20) Land Orders 20/2/1874 20/3/1878
13110Card Register of Immigrants Who Arrived Per Kapunda and Southesk 23/6/1878 1/8/1878
13083Registers of Immigrants Per Ship Landed at Immigration Depot at Townsville 1/4/1882 3/12/1915
13098Registers of Immigrants Per Ship Landed at Immigration Depot at Townsville and Brisbane 1/1/1884 31/5/1909
13094Register of Immigrants at Immigration Depot at Townsville 25/3/1885 5/9/1899
13097Registers of Immigrants Per Ship Landed at Immigration Depot at Brisbane 6/5/1885 2/2/1917
13102Registers of Immigrants Per Ship Townsville and Other Queensland Ports 20/7/1887 22/11/1902
13136Staff Register [Immigration Department] 1/1/1890 1/2/1940
13091Register of Applications for Admission to the Benevolent Asylum, Dunwich 1/1/1896 31/12/1904
5637Registers of Monthly Rations Received and Issued 1/1/1905 4/7/1933
13113Card Register of Immigrants (by classification) 1/1/1908 31/12/1920
5611Card Index to Personal Files for Nominated Immigrants 1/1/1908 11/10/1940
13090Dossiers on Assisted Immigrants 8/4/1909 31/12/1941
13104Passenger Lists and Other Papers Relating to Immigrants Arriving by Ship in Queensland 9/7/1909 15/1/1932
7151Correspondence Files [Immigration Department] 1/4/1910 31/12/1942
13105Lists of Crews and Passengers on Various Immigrant Ships Arriving in Queensland. 1/1/1912 31/12/1912
13099Registers of Immigrants Landed at Brisbane (Various Wharves) and Other Australian Ports 15/3/1912 31/10/1923
13048Passenger Lists and Associated Papers - Brisbane Arrivals 27/10/1913 19/11/1915
5642Files Concerning Intending Immigrants and Immigrants Who Arrived in Queensland 2/1/1914 11/10/1940
13106Staff files [Immigration Department] 1/1/1919 3/12/1930
13140Card Register of Immigrants Nominated through non - Queensland agencies 1/1/1920 31/12/1939
13133New Settlers League General Correspondence 1/1/1920 31/12/1950
13069Files of Local Lads from the St. Lucia Training Farm Placed in Employment 23/2/1920 31/7/1939
13080Statements of Accounts [Immigration Department] 1/1/1921 31/12/1940
13120Files re Immigrants Who Arrived in Other States But Transferred to Queensland 8/10/1921 24/6/1942
13101New Settlers League Conference Papers 1/1/1922 31/12/1936
5631Card Register of Immigrants and Missing Immigrants 1/1/1922 31/12/1937
13088Notices to Nominated Immigrants and Advices of Bookings 1/1/1922 31/12/1937
13111"R" Files - re Persons Whose Immigration to Queensland Was Not Proceeded With 1/1/1922 31/12/1940
13150Advice of Booking Notices, and Agreement Forms of Farm Learners, and Other Migrants 1/1/1922 31/12/1940
13073References and Medical Certificates [Immigration Department] 1/1/1922 31/12/1940
13143Registers of Passenger Lists of Immigrant Ships 1/11/1922 31/1/1940
13138Card Register of Rebate Cases 1/1/1923 31/12/1929
13117Card Register of Pension Enquiries 1/1/1923 31/12/1930
13141Card Register of Immigrants Without Numbers 1/1/1923 31/12/1932
13072New Settlers League Correspondence Related to Immigrants 1/1/1923 11/10/1940
13112Card Register of Correspondence [Immigration Department] 1/1/1923 31/12/1940
18497Card Register of Individual Accounts 1/1/1923 31/12/1940
5641Card Register of Nominated Immigrants [numerical] 1/1/1923 31/12/1940
13114Card Register of New Settlers 1/1/1923 31/12/1950
13096Papers re Issuing of Passports and Clearances 7/1/1923 1/10/1940
5630Immigration Lads' Saving Bank and Landing Money Ledger 23/2/1923 31/1/1924
5640Files Concerning Missing Migrants 9/5/1923 4/6/1942
13142Card Register of Rejected Immigrants 10/1/1924 27/9/1939
4227Personal Files for Nominated Immigrants 28/12/1924 11/10/1940
17509Card Register of Applications for Rural Labour 1/1/1925 31/12/1936
13077Files regarding immigrant ships' arrivals 24/10/1925 31/12/1940
18498Card Register of Domestic Servants 1/1/1926 31/12/1930
7149Passport Clearance Register 24/3/1926 31/5/1935
13118Card Register of Correspondence Received from Individuals 1/1/1927 31/12/1929
13082Lists of Approved Immigrant Nominations (numerical) 1/1/1927 31/12/1939
13129Register of Domestic Servants [ship 'Orama'] 1/1/1929 31/12/1929
13070Files of Local Lads Indentured under the Farm Learners Scheme. 1/1/1930 31/12/1939
10222Passport Receipts 27/9/1930 25/6/1939
13135Account Books [New Settlers League] 1/1/1934 31/12/1949
13128Diaries [New Settlers League] 1/1/1948 31/12/1949
13134Stamp Book [New Settlers League] 1/2/1948 30/11/1950
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Controlling Agencies

Agency IDTitleFromTo
107Colonial Secretary's Office 30/12/1859 1/4/1886
112Chief Secretary's Department 1/4/1886 24/4/1919
40Premier and Chief Secretary's Department 24/4/1919 11/10/1940
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Controlled Agencies

Agency IDTitleFromTo
2257Assistant Immigration Agent, Rockhampton 1/7/1863 31/12/1918
2256Assistant Immigration Agent, Maryborough 1/8/1863 31/12/1915
2258Assistant Immigration Agent, Toowoomba 1/1/1864 31/12/1907
2253Assistant Immigration Agent, Bowen 1/1/1866 31/12/1912
2255Assistant Immigration Agent, Mackay 1/1/1868 31/12/1911
2268Inspector of Pacific Islanders, Maryborough 10/7/1868 31/7/1908
2486Sub-Immigration Agent, Warwick 1/1/1873 31/12/1906
2271Inspector of Pacific Islanders, Townsville 15/12/1880 31/7/1908
2709Hospital for Pacific Islanders, Maryborough 1/11/1883 31/12/1888
2254Assistant Immigration Agent, Cooktown 1/1/1884 31/12/1907
2270Inspector of Pacific Islanders, Port Douglas 18/9/1895 31/7/1908
2269Inspector of Pacific Islanders, Childers 1/1/1896 31/7/1908
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Previous Agencies

Subsequent Agencies

Agency IDTitle
1849State Migration Office
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Information Sources

Queensland Government Gazette, 1859, no. 4, p. 13
Executive Council Minute, 11 Oct 1940, no. 2861; QSA Item ID845707
Statement by the Minister for the Interior Hon. J. McEwen made in the House of Representatives on 12 May 1938; QSA Item ID10674
Queensland Parliamentary Papers, 1920, vol 2, pp. 379 - 380
Queensland Parliamentary Papers, 1941, p.28
Commonwealth of Australia 1928, "Migration Facts", Government Printer, Melbourne; QSA Item ID18461
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Establishing N/A
Abolishing N/A
Administered Immigration Acts 1864 -1887
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Arthur Clark Kemball was appointed the first Immigration Agent for Queensland on 30 December 1859. The Immigration Department was responsible for encouraging and assisting immigration to Queensland and an Agent-General for Emigration was employed in the United Kingdom to select and transport immigrants while agents were also employed in Europe to promote immigration to the colony.

The Immigration Department was responsible for the promotion of immigration and administration of immigrants' passages including the nomination sytem, land orders and assisted passages as well as services to immigrants on arrival in Queensland.

After Federation, prior to 1920, assisted immigration was handled by the respective states. In 1920 the Commonwealth and States entered into a joint scheme. The Commonwealth assumed control of migration activities overseas, and accepted financial responsibility for the recruitment, medical examination and transportation of all asssisted migrants. The states' responsibilities were confined to the reception, employment, and after-care of migrants. The Commonwealth could only introduce into the states such assisted migrants as were requisitioned, or whose nominations were endorsed by a state.

The Immigration Department was responsible to the Colonial Secretary's Office, and subsequently the Chief Secretary's / Premier's Department. From 1863, Assistant Immigration Officers were appointed in ports and other major centres, and all Clerks of Petty Sessions were appointed sub- immigration agents.

Colonial Secretary, 30 Dec 1859 - 1 Apr 1886
Chief Secretary, 1 Apr 1886 - 24 Apr 1919
Premier and Chief Secretary, 24 Apr 1919 - 11 Oct 1940

With the onset of World War II, on 11 Oct 1940 the Immigration Department was closed, the position of Immigration Agent was abolished, and staff were transferred to the Premier's Department.
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Preferred Citation

Queensland State Archives Agency ID1514, Immigration Department
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