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Agency ID150
TitleLand Court
Agency TypeLand Court
Start Date 1/3/1898
End Date Current
Date NotesN/A

Hears and determines matters relating to land valuation, leasing arrangements and resumptions; and from 2007, mineral and indigenous issues

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Series IDTitleFromTo
19007Special Lease Files 1/1/1876 31/12/1999
13740Cash Books 1/1/1885 31/12/1927
19017Register of Leases and Rents - Land Court 1/1/1888 31/12/1960
218Pastoral Holding Files 1/1/1897 31/12/1993
219Farm Files [Land Court] 1/1/1897 31/12/1996
10379Minute Book 4/5/1897 4/12/1950
13735Register of Rentals - Land Court 1/1/1898 31/12/1903
13732Register of Fees - Land Court 1/1/1898 31/12/1913
13727Register of Sittings - Land Court 1/1/1898 31/12/1913
13744Staff Appointment Files 1/1/1898 31/12/1954
13710Registers of Minutes and Decisions - Land Court 1/3/1898 N/A
13713Indexes to Registers of Proceedings - Land Court 1/3/1898 31/12/1963
13726Registers of Cases Entered for Hearing - Land Court 23/4/1898 11/3/2000
13734Register of Fees - Land Court 2/6/1898 3/10/1923
13743Letterbooks of Letters to Land Commissioners 24/11/1898 22/9/1919
13742Letterbooks 19/5/1899 22/9/1919
13736Register of "Second Period" Rents - Land Court 1/1/1900 31/12/1907
13745Letterbooks of Letters to the under Secretary, Department of Public Lands 5/7/1900 19/9/1919
13729Register of Runs - Land Court 1/1/1903 31/12/1907
13739Letters Sent 1/1/1903 31/12/1916
13728Register of Applications - Land Court 1/1/1904 31/12/1908
13738Letters Received 1/1/1904 31/12/1922
13725Registers of Minutes and Decisions (in Chambers, Land Court) 3/1/1905 28/2/2008
13741Cash Book 21/12/1905 28/2/1928
13721Registers of Holdings - Land Court 1/1/1914 31/12/1924
13730Register of Application Approvals - Land Court 17/2/1914 4/8/1915
19015Register of Land Tax Appeals - Land Court 9/2/1922 9/3/1961
19016Register of City of Brisbane Valuation Appeals - Land Court 30/6/1931 14/9/1933
13737Register of Particulars [assessment of rent] - Land Court 1/1/1936 31/12/1954
19022Register of Documents Filed - Land Court 1/1/1938 31/12/1968
19020Registers of Appeals Against Valuations - Land Court 19/9/1949 18/7/2001
19014Registers of Appeals, Compensation Claims and other Miscellaneous Matters - Land Court 1/1/1954 22/12/2000
18019Compensation Files - Acquisitions - Land Court 1/1/1957 31/12/1989
18024Index to Compensation Files 1/1/1957 30/6/1992
220Valuation Files ("V" Series files) - Land Court 1/1/1961 31/12/1998
19018Register of Rental or Freeholding Lease Statistics - Land Court 1/1/1964 31/12/1972
19019Register of Valuer General's Appeals - Land Court 1/1/1964 31/12/1972
19010Perpetual Town and Suburban Lease Files 1/1/1969 31/12/1981
19009Non-Competitive Lease Files 1/1/1969 31/12/1992
18020Compensation Files - Water Act - Land Court 1/1/1973 31/12/1989
18021Compensation Files - Harbour Act - Land Court 1/1/1977 31/12/1987
18022Compensation Files - Land Tax - Land Court 1/1/1979 31/12/1989
18023Compensation Files - Miscellaneous - Land Court 1/1/1981 31/12/1984
20221Reported Cases 9/4/1985 7/3/2013
19011Mining Act Files 25/2/1986 13/8/1992
19021Register of Master Tapes of Court Hearings - Land Court 16/5/1988 15/6/2006
221Acquisition Files 3/9/1990 1/10/1993
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Controlling Agencies

Agency IDTitleFromTo
18Lands Department 1/3/1898 26/2/1996
17Department of Natural Resources 26/2/1996 22/2/2001
10491Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Water 22/2/2001 1/1/2003
8620Department of Justice and Attorney-General (II) 1/1/2003 Current
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Controlled Agencies

Agency IDTitleFromTo
11105Land Commissioner's Court, Innisfail 7/1/1885 7/2/1980
11148Land Commissioner's Court, Blackall 1/3/1898 31/12/1991
10987Land Commissioner's Court, Mackay 1/3/1898 31/12/1991
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Previous Agencies

Agency IDTitle
228Land Board
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Information Sources

Land Act 1897
Land Act 1962
Land Act 1994
Land Court Act 2000
Land Court and Other Legislation Amendment Act 2007
Valuation of Land Act 1944
Queensland Subordinate Legislation 2007, No. 236
The State of Queensland (Land Court), "History of the Land Court", 23 Nov 2001. (6 Nov 2002)
Justice and Attorney - General Department Annual Report 2002 - 2003, p. 5
Queensland Ministerial Media Statements, "Historic reforms provide more resources for District and Land Courts", viewed 10 Sept 2007,
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Establishing Land Act 1897
Abolishing N/A
Administered Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Act 2003
Acquisition of Land Act 1967
Fossicking Act 1994
Geothermal Exploration Act 2004
Land Act 1897
Land Acts 1910 - 1962
Land Act 1962
Land Act 1994
Land Court and Other Legislation Amendment Act 2007
Land Court Act 2000
Mineral Resources Act 1989
Native Title (Queensland) Act 1993
Petroleum Act 1923
Petroleum and Gas (Production and Safety) Act 2004
Torres Strait Islander Cultural Heritage Act 2003
Valuation of Land Act 1944
Water Act 2000
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The Land Board constituted under the "Crown Lands Act 1884" served as a judiciary and administrative agency. The Land Board was empowered to hold courts and to arbitrate on any questions arising from the administration of the 1884 Act. In 1898, the functions of the Land Board were taken over by the Land Court, constituted under the "Land Act 1897".

The Land Court is an independent Judicial Tribunal. The primary and general powers of the court were conferred by Land Acts and subsequently, the "Land Court Act 2000". Sittings are held in Brisbane, as well as principal country towns and smaller centres where suitable facilities are available.

From its inception until 1944, the Land Court's principal role was that of judicially arbitrating between the Minister and the Crown's lessees in rental, compensation, value of improvements and other matters affecting the Crown leasehold system, as well as determining compensation for compulsory resumption of freehold land pursuant to the provision of the Public Works Land Resumption Acts and subsequent compulsory acquisition legislation.

With the proclamation of the "Valuation of Land Act 1944", the Land Court's jurisdiction included the hearing and determination of appeal against valuations for rating and taxing purposes.

The Land Court deals with appeals against valuations, disputed claims for compensation, appeals against decisions in relation to waterworks licensing and appeals against Ministerial decisions. However, under the "Land Court and Other Legislation Amendment Act 2007, assented to 29 August 2007, proclaimed 21 Sep 2007, the Land Court took over the jurisdiction of the Land and Resource Tribunal extending the Court's jurisdiction to include not only land-related matters but also mining and petroleum and indigenous issues,

The Land Court consists of a President and other members. A single member sitting alone constitutes the Court which may sit in more than one place at a time. Under the "Land Court and Other Legislation Amendment Act 2007" the Court was divided into two divisions: the Cultural Heritage and Indigenous Land Use Agreement Division, and the general division. The Land Court has the power of the Supreme Court in certain cultural heritage and mining jurisdictions.

Secretary for Public Lands 1 Mar 1898 - 12 Aug 1957
Minister for Public Lands 12 Aug 1957 - 26 Sep 1963
Minister for Lands 26 Sep 1963 - 9 Dec 1987
Minister for Land Management 9 Dec 1987 - 24 Sep 1992
Minister for Lands 24 Sep 1992 - 26 Feb 1996
Minister for Natural Resources 26 Feb 1996 - 22 Feb 2001
Minister for Natural Resources and Mines 22 Feb 2001 - 1 Jan 2003
Attorney - General and Minister for Justice, 1 Jan 2003 -

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Queensland State Archives Agency ID150, Land Court
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Last updated 9 September 2016
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