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Agency ID1493
TitleQueensland College of Pharmacy and Chemistry
Agency TypeEducation Provider
Start Date Circa 6/3/1890
End Date 9/10/1935
Date NotesN/A

Responsible for training in phamaceutical chemistry

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Controlling Agencies

Agency IDTitleFromTo
1479Pharmacists Board of Queensland 6/3/1890 9/10/1935
32Department of Public Instruction 1/1/1893 9/10/1935
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Information Sources

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Establishing N/A
Abolishing N/A
Administered Religious, Educational & Charitable Institutions Act 1861, 25 Vic, No.19
and Amendment Act 1895, 59 Vic No.4
Pharmacy Act 1884, 48 Vic, No.22
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The College of Pharmacy was established and placed under the direction of the Pharmacy Board of Queensland under subsections 2-3 of section 20 of the "Pharmacy Act 1884". After circa 1893 the Department of Public Instruction worked in conjunction with the Pharmacy Board to supervise the College. The Pharmacy Board controlled professional examinations and subject matter taught, whilst Public Instruction controlled funding and teaching staff. The Pharmacy Board, however, paid the Head Teachers who supervised examinees with 1 guinea for the first examinee supervised and half a guinea for every other examinee after that. An annual subsidy of 350 pounds was provided through the Department of Public Instruction from Cabinet.

Due to insufficient funding resulting from an overlap with the Brisbane Technical College, the College closed classes in Chemistry and Botany during 1892-93, with those classes recommencing in 1894. A similar problem occured from 1895-97 with the Assaying and practical Minerology classes.

In 1907 the College sought acceptance as a Technical College under section 10 of the Technical Instruction Act, however was refused thus affecting future funding arrangements. The College shared co-joint classes with the Brisbane Technical College during the late 1890s until the early 1900s, however after disputes over funding the association ended.

The College of Pharmacy was incorporated on 3 March 1921 to become known as the Queensland College of Pharmacy and Chemistry.

A petition was presented before Parliament on 12 October 1935 and the resolution passed at a meeting of the Incorporated College of Pharmacy and Chemistry on the 9 October 1935 cancelling the College and moving that all property of the Corporation so dissolved be vested in the Pharmacy Board of Queensland.

The reasons for the demise of the College were the duplication of classes of similar subject nature at the Brisbane Technical College and the Univeristy of Queensland as well as a loss of funding due to Cabinet decision 23/27581 in 1923, when funding was reduced to 150 pound per annum from 350.

The main function of the College was to educate and provide practical training for pharmaceutical chemists in Queensland in the subjects of Pharmacy, Chemistry, Assaying, Botany, Geology and Minerology as well as English, Latin, Arithmetic and Algebra.
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Queensland State Archives Agency ID1493, Queensland College of Pharmacy and Chemistry
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