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Agency ID1490
TitleAlbany Creek Cemetery Trust
Agency TypeBoard or Committee
Start Date 6/6/1935
End Date 1/2/1973
Date NotesN/A

Responsibility for maintenance of local cemeteries

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Series IDTitleFromTo
20728Cemetery Registers - Albany Creek Cemetery / Cash's Crossing Cemetery [and unknown locations] 6/6/1935 1/2/1973
17276Minute Book 5/7/1935 10/11/1971
17274Treasurer's Book 7/8/1935 22/11/1971
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Controlling Agencies

Agency IDTitleFromTo
123Home Secretary's Office 6/6/1935 5/12/1935
126Health and Home Affairs Department 5/12/1935 26/9/1963
105Department of Health 26/9/1963 1/2/1973
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Information Sources

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Establishing Cemetery Act 1865; Crown Lands Alienation Act 1868; Land Acts 1910-1934
Abolishing Local Government Acts 1936-1971; Land Acts 1962-1971
Administered N/A
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The Cemetery Act 1865, which repealed Section 75 of the Municipal Institutions Act 1864 empowered the Governor-in-Council to appoint trustees to hold land in trust for the establishment or purpose of a public cemetery.

Two cemetery reserves were proclaimed in the Parish of Bunya in 1873 under the Crown Lands Alienation Act 1868. The Chinaman's Creek cemetery reserve was proclaimed on 19 Mar 1873 and the Cashe's Crossing cemetery reserve at Bunya proclaimed on 6 Dec 1873. The locality name Chinaman's Creek was changed to Albany Creek by proclamation on 5 June 1885.

Trustees were appointed for the Cashe's Crossing (also known as Bunya) Cemetery on 7 Feb 1879. However, while the first burial at the Chinaman's Creek Cemetery occurred on 9 Feb 1873, it was not until 6 Jun 1935 that trustees were appointed for this (Albany Creek) Cemetery under the Land Acts 1910-1934.

Confusion has prevailed in the name of the cemetery now known as Albany Creek. For example, gazettal proclamations use the locality name "Cash's Crossing" for the Cemetery at Albany Creek, while at other times, "Cash's or Cashe's Crossing" has been used for the Bunya Cemetery. In addition, the Albany Creek Cemetery should not be confused with the Albany Creek Memorial Gardens Cemetery and Crematorium at Bridgeman Downs.

Cemetery trustees had powers to enclose the land granted in trust for cemetery purposes and were responsible for the administration, upkeep and maintenance of the cemetery. Rules, regulations and accounts were to be kept by the trustees and along with trustee appointments and notification of closing of the cemetery were required to be published in the Government Gazette.

The Local Government Act 1936 empowered the Governor-in-Council to authorise local authorities to assume, from existing trusts, the management and control of cemeteries so proclaimed. In addition, the act granted local authorities the power to take land and erect or construct buildings to be used for or in conjunction with cemeteries. On 1 Feb 1973, the Council of the Shire of Pine Rivers was appointed trustee for the reserve for the cemetery at Cash's Crossing under the Lands Acts 1962-1971, in place of the existing Cemetery Trust.

Home Secretary 6 Jun 1935 - 5 Dec 1935
Secretary for Health and Home Affairs 5 Dec 1935 - 12 Aug 1957
Minister for Health and Home Affairs 12 Aug 1957 - 26 Sep 1963
Minister for Health 26 Sep 1963 - 1 Feb 1973
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Preferred Citation

Queensland State Archives Agency ID1490, Albany Creek Cemetery Trust
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Last updated 9 September 2016
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