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Agency ID136
TitleDirector of Native Affairs Office
Agency TypeDepartment
Start Date 12/10/1939
End Date 28/4/1966
Date NotesN/A

Managed the affairs of Aborigines deemed to be State wards, under a policy of protection, preservation and assimilation.

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Series IDTitleFromTo
10101Accounts Balance Book N/A N/A
18100Agreements and Wages of Crew N/A N/A
10171Card Index of Aboriginal Reserves N/A N/A
10169Card Index to Files on Commonwealth Housing and Outstanding Wages N/A N/A
18101Cherbourg Savings Bank Balance Sheets N/A N/A
10131Exemption Lists N/A N/A
18106Index to Register of Removals N/A N/A
10172Journal - Savings Bank Accounts N/A N/A
10197Petty Cash Book N/A N/A
18111Photographs and Photograph Albums of Aboriginal settlements and missions N/A N/A
10195Register of Administrative Directions, Appointments and Memorandums N/A N/A
18113Register of Child Endowment Claims N/A N/A
10176Register of Declarations of Exemptions N/A N/A
18114Register of Maternity Allowance Payments in the Torres Strait N/A N/A
18116Register of Pension and Allowance Payments for Torres Strait and Child Endowment Details N/A N/A
18119Register of Pension and Allowance Payments in the Torres Strait N/A N/A
18121Register of Sixteen Year Old Children N/A N/A
10098Torres Strait Child Endowment Ledger N/A N/A
10187Index of Settlements' Residents 12/10/1939 N/A
4353Savings Bank Ledger Cards 12/10/1939 31/12/1939
10166Cash Book - Aboriginal Provident Fund 12/10/1939 1/7/1940
4340Settlement Wages Cards 12/10/1939 31/12/1940
4338Wages Cards 12/10/1939 31/12/1940
10146Cash Books - Collections Account 12/10/1939 30/6/1941
10162Cash Books - Settlement and Brisbane Accounts 12/10/1939 30/6/1941
10118Unregistered Correspondence 12/10/1939 13/8/1941
4833Correspondence Register - Card Index 12/10/1939 31/12/1941
4924Exemption Card Index 12/10/1939 31/12/1941
4835Record of Marriage - Card Index 12/10/1939 31/12/1941
4973Record of Removal Card Index 12/10/1939 31/12/1941
4925Record of Death - Card Index 12/10/1939 31/12/1942
10193Register of Applications for Employment 12/10/1939 31/12/1942
18090Correspondence Files 12/10/1939 31/12/1944
130Coen Identification Cards 12/10/1939 31/12/1946
10201Register of Doctors' Health Certificates and Birth Certificates of Employees 12/10/1939 31/12/1951
4834Identification Cards 12/10/1939 31/12/1962
18172Identification Cards 12/10/1939 31/12/1962
676Aboriginal Cash Book, Birdsville 12/10/1939 31/8/1965
10192Register of Employers Who Are Not to Employ Aborigines 12/10/1939 31/12/1965
10151Cash Books - Brisbane and Country Natives 12/10/1939 28/4/1966
317Child Registration Cards [Doomadgee] 12/10/1939 28/4/1966
505Correspondence - Alphanumeric Prefix 12/10/1939 28/4/1966
3501Correspondence Files 12/10/1939 28/4/1966
319Doomadgee Identification Cards 12/10/1939 28/4/1966
132Edward River (Pormpuraaw), Mapoon, Mitchell River (Kowanyama) and Normanton Identification Cards 12/10/1939 28/4/1966
4356Health & Home Affairs/Education Department Batch Files 12/10/1939 28/4/1966
4354Miscellaneous Items and Correspondence 12/10/1939 28/4/1966
4429Personal Files 12/10/1939 28/4/1966
18092Register of Removals 12/10/1939 28/4/1966
10190Registers of Exemptions 12/10/1939 28/4/1966
217Social History Cards (Mitchell River (Kowanyama), Normanton) 12/10/1939 28/4/1966
131Social History Cards (Palm Island) 12/10/1939 28/4/1966
205Social History Cards (Weipa, Embley and Mission Rivers) 12/10/1939 28/4/1966
133Social History Cards (Yarrabah) 12/10/1939 28/4/1966
4339Staff Cards 12/10/1939 28/4/1966
10188Subsidiary Control Registers - Aboriginal Protection of Property Account 12/10/1939 28/4/1966
710Wages Register and Savings Bank Accounts Ledger [Port Douglas] 12/10/1939 28/4/1966
18396Wills 12/10/1939 28/4/1966
10160Card Index to Protectors of Aboriginals (By District) 12/10/1939 31/12/1966
318Doomadgee Unemployment Cards 1/1/1940 28/4/1966
20982Trust Account Ledger - Protectorates and Missions 1/1/1941 31/12/1964
10163Card Index to Correspondence Files 1/1/1941 31/12/1974
17150Aboriginal Cash Books 30/6/1941 30/6/1958
10189Index to Register of Exemptions 1/1/1942 31/12/1964
10194Register of Identification Numbers 1/1/1943 28/4/1966
4357Estray Personal Documents 1/3/1946 28/4/1966
5302Social History Cards (Cape York Peninsula) 1/1/1948 28/4/1966
18054Ministerial Correspondence 1/1/1954 28/4/1966
513Wages Register and Savings Bank Accounts Ledger [Birdsville] 31/3/1955 28/4/1966
20954Photographic slides of Minister Noble's visit to Far North Queensland and the Northern Territory, 1959-1960 1/1/1959 31/12/1960
18052Admission Sheets 1/1/1959 28/4/1966
21092Building and Infrastructure Plans (Bamaga) 1/1/1959 28/4/1966
18055Birth and Marriage Registers 1/1/1960 28/4/1966
10170Card Index to Letters Received by the Education Department Relating to Native Affairs, Later Aboriginal and Island Affairs 1/1/1962 28/4/1966
4531Palm Island Staff Files 18/4/1962 28/4/1966
10154Loose Items Found Among Education Department Batch Files 1/1/1963 28/4/1966
4355Miscellaneous Items (Wages) 1/4/1964 28/4/1966
20981General Cash Book - Torres Strait and Cape York Trust Account (Brisbane) 1/10/1964 28/4/1966
18397Legal Advice, Opinions and Memoranda 30/4/1965 28/4/1966
442Administration Files [Georgetown] 30/8/1965 28/4/1966
4892Permit Card Index 1/1/1966 28/4/1966
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Controlling Agencies

Agency IDTitleFromTo
126Health and Home Affairs Department 12/10/1939 25/10/1962
404Department of Education 26/10/1962 28/4/1966
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Controlled Agencies

Agency IDTitleFromTo
75Protector of Aboriginals, Coen 12/10/1938 28/4/1966
8807Myora Aboriginal State School 12/10/1939 31/12/1941
1641Protector of Aboriginals, Nocundra 12/10/1939 1/1/1961
1634Protector of Aboriginals, Mona Mona 12/10/1939 1/12/1962
1629Protector of Aboriginals, Irvinebank 12/10/1939 15/1/1965
1630Protector of Aboriginals, Kidston 12/10/1939 3/3/1965
10474Director of Native Affairs Office, Cherbourg 12/10/1939 28/4/1966
635Director of Native Affairs Office, Georgetown 12/10/1939 28/4/1966
10498Director of Native Affairs Office, Palm Island 12/10/1939 28/4/1966
10499Director of Native Affairs Office, Woorabinda 12/10/1939 28/4/1966
381Doomadgee State School 12/10/1939 28/4/1966
8636Mabuiag Island School 12/10/1939 28/4/1966
10448Native Court, Murray Island 12/10/1939 28/4/1966
1615Protector of Aboriginals, Adavale 12/10/1939 28/4/1966
8810Protector of Aboriginals, Atherton 12/10/1939 28/4/1966
1616Protector of Aboriginals, Babinda 12/10/1939 28/4/1966
2034Protector of Aboriginals, Birdsville 12/10/1939 28/4/1966
10560Protector of Aboriginals, Boulia 12/10/1939 28/4/1966
59Protector of Aboriginals, Brisbane 12/10/1939 28/4/1966
7135Protector of Aboriginals, Cairns 12/10/1939 28/4/1966
2713Protector of Aboriginals, Charters Towers 12/10/1939 28/4/1966
1617Protector of Aboriginals, Chillagoe 12/10/1939 28/4/1966
1618Protector of Aboriginals, Clermont 12/10/1939 28/4/1966
1619Protector of Aboriginals, Cloncurry 12/10/1939 28/4/1966
75Protector of Aboriginals, Coen 12/10/1939 28/4/1966
1620Protector of Aboriginals, Cooktown 12/10/1939 28/4/1966
1621Protector of Aboriginals, Croydon 12/10/1939 28/4/1966
2537Protector of Aboriginals, Doomadgee 12/10/1939 28/4/1966
1622Protector of Aboriginals, Duchess 12/10/1939 28/4/1966
10566Protector of Aboriginals, Edmonton 12/10/1939 28/4/1966
1623Protector of Aboriginals, Einasleigh 12/10/1939 28/4/1966
1624Protector of Aboriginals, Forsayth 12/10/1939 28/4/1966
1626Protector of Aboriginals, Herberton 12/10/1939 28/4/1966
1627Protector of Aboriginals, Hughenden 12/10/1939 28/4/1966
1628Protector of Aboriginals, Ingham 12/10/1939 28/4/1966
11130Protector of Aboriginals, Kowanyama 12/10/1939 28/4/1966
1631Protector of Aboriginals, Laura 12/10/1939 28/4/1966
10454Protector of Aboriginals, Lockhart River 12/10/1939 28/4/1966
1632Protector of Aboriginals, Mareeba 12/10/1939 28/4/1966
1633Protector of Aboriginals, Millaa Millaa 12/10/1939 28/4/1966
1635Protector of Aboriginals, Mossman 12/10/1939 28/4/1966
1636Protector of Aboriginals, Mount Garnet 12/10/1939 28/4/1966
10537Protector of Aboriginals, Mount Isa 12/10/1939 28/4/1966
1637Protector of Aboriginals, Mount Molloy 12/10/1939 28/4/1966
1638Protector of Aboriginals, Mount Surprise 12/10/1939 28/4/1966
1640Protector of Aboriginals, Nebo 12/10/1939 28/4/1966
8555Protector of Aboriginals, Ravenshoe 12/10/1939 28/4/1966
10561Protector of Aboriginals, Richmond 12/10/1939 28/4/1966
3587Protector of Aboriginals, South Brisbane 12/10/1939 28/4/1966
11672Protector of Aboriginals, Springsure 12/10/1939 28/4/1966
10558Protector of Aboriginals, St George 12/10/1939 28/4/1966
10533Protector of Aboriginals, Townsville 12/10/1939 28/4/1966
10557Protector of Aboriginals, Turn Off Lagoon 12/10/1939 28/4/1966
11134Protector of Aboriginals, Weipa South 12/10/1939 28/4/1966
10564Protector of Aboriginals, Winton 12/10/1939 28/4/1966
1642Protector of Islanders, Thursday Island 12/10/1939 28/4/1966
8833Tagai State College - Mer Campus 12/10/1939 28/4/1966
1639Protector of Aboriginals, Mundubbera 8/10/1942 28/4/1966
10515Director of Native Affairs Office, Bamaga 1/1/1951 28/4/1966
11125Director of Native Affairs, Foleyvale 1/6/1959 28/4/1966
81Director of Native Affairs Office, Yarrabah 7/7/1960 28/4/1966
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Information Sources

Queensland Government Gazette 1939, Vol CLIII, No 85, p 1273
Queensland Parliamentary Papers 1939, Vol. II, p 1327
Queensland Parliamentary Papers 1940, p 1077
Health and Home Affairs Department, Executive Council Minutes, RSI 2381/1/41, 105 of 1948
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Establishing The Aboriginals Preservation and Protection Act 1939
Torres Strait Islanders Preservation and Protection Act 1939
Abolishing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders Affairs Act of 1965
Administered The Aboriginals Preservation and Protection Act 1939
Torres Strait Islanders Preservation and Protection Act 1939
Lands Act 1962 (in relation to Deeds of Grant in Trust)
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When the Northern Protector was appointed Chief Protector of Aboriginals on 30 March 1904, his administrative responsibilities and power to control the lives of Aborigines continued to expand within the same 'protection and segregation' policy of the previous ofiices of Northern and Southern Protectors.

The Director of Native Affairs Office, which replaced the Chief Protector of Aboriginals Office, was established on 12 October 1939, when the Aboriginals Preservation and Protection Act 1939 came into force. This Act represented a change in government policy from the 'protection and segregation' of indigenous people to 'protection and preservation', through assimilation into the broad "white community".

Employment and wages
Housing and accommodation
Marriages, deaths
Child welfare
Personal Finance, pensions and benefits
Industrial Operators
Exemptions (Certificates)
Settlements, missions, reserves, camps
Police and gaols

The Aboriginal Preservation and Protection Acts 1939-1946 and the Torres Strait Islands Affairs Acts 1939-1946 were jointly administered by the Director of Native Affairs. From 1948 to 1957 the Director of Native Affairs Office was transferred from Brisbane to Thursday Island, also assuming the position of Protector of Islanders, Thursday Island. A Deputy Director was stationed in Brisbane until the headquarters was returned to Brisbane. From this date the Deputy Director, in Thursday Island, also held the position of Protector of Islanders, Thursday Island.

The Director held in trust the funds and property of Aborigines in his care through the Welfare Fund and the Welfare Trust. The work of the Director was largely conducted at the community level. His office controlled the Protectors of Aboriginals, settlements, reserves and also church-sponsored communitites and reserves. A Protector of Aborigines could be appointed at the discretion of the Director.

State and church-sponsored communities provided guidance, health services, education, training, accommodation, welfare, equipment, facilities and food. There were government-sponsored communities (hostels, reserves, settlements) and church-sponsored missions and reserves (Brethren, Church of England, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Roman Catholic, Salvation Army, Seventh Day Adventist).

Schools in government-sponsored communities were administered by the Education Department. Schools in the church-sponsored communities and in the Torres Strait Islands area were administered by the Director of Native Affairs.

Under the provisions of the 1965 Act the functions of the Director of Native Affairs Office were transferred to the Aboriginal and Island Affairs Department which was established on 28 Apr 1966.

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Queensland State Archives Agency ID136, Director of Native Affairs Office
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