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Agency ID134
TitleLaidley Shire Council II
Agency TypeLocal government authority
Start Date 8/2/1917
End Date 15/3/2008
Date NotesN/A

Created under the Local Government/Authorities Acts to provide local administration and public services outside of major urban areas

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Series IDTitleFromTo
667Applications for Building Permits N/A N/A
619Correspondence - Inwards 1/1/1917 31/12/1920
616Letterbooks 8/2/1917 9/3/1917
596General Cash Book 8/2/1917 1/3/1918
595General Cash Books 8/2/1917 1/8/1924
615Letterbooks 8/2/1917 5/5/1927
598General Ledgers 8/2/1917 30/6/1938
446Minute Books 8/2/1917 13/12/1949
479Valuation Register and Rate Books 8/2/1917 31/12/1956
606Poundkeeper's Books 8/2/1917 31/12/1967
602Contract Ledgers 8/2/1917 1/12/1993
6165Journal 10/3/1917 30/6/1937
603Contractors' Deposits Cash Book 1/4/1917 1/10/1952
617Loan Rates Cash Book 1/8/1917 31/12/1927
607Register of Infectious and Notifiable Diseases (Laidley) 1/1/1919 31/12/1927
672Maps and Plans 1/1/1930 31/12/1945
604Register of Tenders for Contracts 1/1/1934 1/7/1952
621Papers Relating to the Laidley Water Supply Scheme 1/1/1956 1/1/1965
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Controlling Agencies

Agency IDTitleFromTo
123Home Secretary's Office 8/2/1917 5/12/1935
126Health and Home Affairs Department 6/12/1935 10/12/1941
231Local Government Department I 11/12/1941 7/12/1989
248Housing and Local Government Department 8/12/1989 24/9/1992
249Department of Housing, Local Government and Planning 24/9/1992 26/2/1996
10727Department of Local Government, Sport and Recreation 26/2/2004 15/3/2008
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Information Sources

Queensland Government Gazette 1917, Vol CVIII, No 53, p541
Queensland Government Gazette 13 Dec 1941, Vol CLVII, No 157, p1998
Queensland Government Gazette 7 Dec 1989, Vol CCXCII, No 117, p2479
Laidley Shire Council Annual Budget 1991-1992
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Local Government (Areas) Regulation 2008, Schedule 1
Queensland Subordinate Legislation 2008, nos. 23-26
"What's happened to my Council", Report of the Local Government Reform Commission 2008, vol. 1, pp. 14 - 26

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Establishing N/A
Abolishing N/A
Administered Local Authorities Act 1902
Local Government Act 1936
Local Government Act 1993
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Laidley Shire Council II was created with the amalgamation of Laidley Town Council (132) and Laidley Shire Council I (133). Part of the Shire of Rosewood was also incorporated within Laidley Shire Council II.

The principle functions of Laidley Shire Council II were: public order and safety (including State Emergency Service work), community amenities (including public toilets, libraries and cemeteries), environmental protection (including collection of fines and penalties and animal control), welfare (including grants and donations to local welfare groups and organisations), health and building (including inspections and licensing, immunisations, vermin control, pest and noxious weed control), recreation and sport (including parks and reserves, sporting facilities, cultural activities), community and regional development (including shire planning), economic services (including refuse tips, roads, bridges, house numbering, road markings, rural services, area promotion, cleaning, sewerage and water).

The Shire Council was also empowered to create by-laws with respect to the above matters and was responsible for the valuation of properties and the assessment and collection of rates.

Laidley Shire Council II included ten annually elected members. Two Councillors were assigned to each of the five subdivisions.

The Council appointed a chairman and a clerk from amongst its ten members. The first members of the Council were former members of Laidley Town Council and Laidley Shire Council I. The Council also appointed its own officers, who were paid from the Local Fund.

All by-laws created by the Council required the assent of the Governor-in-Council.

On 15 March 2008, Laidley and Gatton Shires amalgamated to form the Lockyer Valley Region.
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Preferred Citation

Queensland State Archives Agency ID134, Laidley Shire Council II
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Last updated 9 September 2016
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