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Agency ID1228
TitlePublic Service Board II
Agency TypeStatutory authority
Start Date 1/11/1901
End Date 26/8/1920
Date NotesN/A

Responsible for the administration of the public service

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Series IDTitleFromTo
17191Letterbooks - Board Minutes N/A N/A
17221Register of Officers Eligible for Re-Employment 1/11/1901 30/6/1902
17203Letterbooks 1/11/1901 30/9/1902
17197Letterbooks - Departmental Inspections 1/11/1901 31/10/1902
17223Expenditure Ledger 1/11/1901 29/6/1903
17194Letterbooks - Charges Against Staff 1/11/1901 31/8/1904
17231Application Register 1/11/1901 30/4/1905
17230Index to Application Register 1/11/1901 30/4/1905
17190General Letterbooks 1/11/1901 30/4/1906
17189Ministerial Letterbooks 1/11/1901 30/4/1906
17208Index to Inwards Letter Registers 1/11/1901 31/12/1906
17205Inwards Letter Registers 1/11/1901 31/12/1906
17280Public Service Staff Lists 1/11/1901 31/12/1907
17214Register of Candidates 1/11/1901 31/8/1909
17275Journal 1/11/1901 31/12/1915
17273Cash Book 1/11/1901 9/9/1916
17271Ledger - General 1/11/1901 9/9/1916
17890Examination Papers 1/11/1901 26/8/1920
17210General Cash Books 1/11/1901 26/8/1920
17889Inquiry Files - "I" Series 1/11/1901 26/8/1920
17209Petty Cash Book 1/11/1901 26/8/1920
17211Register of Officers over 65 Years of Age 1/11/1901 26/8/1920
17282Registers of Results of Public Service Examinations 1/11/1901 26/8/1920
17233Registers of Switchboard Attendants and Female Candidates 1/11/1901 26/8/1920
17888Reports and Publications 1/11/1901 26/8/1920
6219Staff Files 1/11/1901 26/8/1920
17213Synopsis of Charges Made Against Officers of the Civil Service 1/11/1901 26/8/1920
17614Plans of Various Government Buildings 1/1/1906 26/8/1920
17884General Correspondence Files - "M" Series 1/1/1909 26/8/1920
17216Registers of Candidates and Qualified Candidates 1/8/1910 26/8/1920
17887Draft Departmental Estimates and Salary Increase Lists 1/1/1914 26/8/1920
17234Registers of Results of Typists' Examinations 30/1/1914 26/8/1920
17886Discipline and Promotion Appeal Files - "K" Series 1/1/1916 26/8/1920
20811Public Service Staff Appeal Registers 1/1/1920 26/8/1920
17235Register of Extended Leave Granted to Public Service Staff 1/1/1920 26/8/1920
17236Register of Gratuities Granted to Public Service Staff 1/1/1920 26/8/1920
17237Register of Special Services Provided to Fill Temporary Vacancies 1/1/1920 26/8/1920
17895Registers of Executive Council Minutes - Public Service Commissioner's Department/Public Service Board 1/1/1920 26/8/1920
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Controlling Agencies

Agency IDTitleFromTo
112Chief Secretary's Department 1/11/1901 24/4/1919
40Premier and Chief Secretary's Department 22/10/1919 26/8/1920
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1227Public Service Board I
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Information Sources

Public Service Commissioner, First Annual Report, 1921
Fraser, D.W., "The Public Service of Queensland 1859-1959", 1981
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Establishing The Public Service Act of 1901
Abolishing The Public Service Acts Amendment Act of 1920
Administered The Public Service Act of 1896
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"The Public Service Act of 1901" abolished the Public Service Board as it was then constituted, and the term "Board" was construed to mean not less than two members of the Executive Council sitting as a Public Service Board.

The Public Service Board had powers to create regulations and make recommendations with respect to: the general administration of the Service; staff selection and registration; Public Service examinations and scholarships; staff training, promotions, retirement, leave, accommodation, etc.; Public Service expenditure; the classification of Public Service officers; and the determination of salaries and wages. As part of the Public Service Board's responsibility for the efficient, economic and general operations of the Public Service and Government Departments, the Board made inspections, inquiries, investigations and recommendations with regards to these matters.

The Board produced an annual Classified List of Officers as required under sec. 53 of the Act.

Executive Council administration continued until 1920 when "The Public Service Act Amendment Act of 1920" provided for the appointment of a Public Service Commissioner.
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Preferred Citation

Queensland State Archives Agency ID1228, Public Service Board II
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