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Agency ID11731
TitleDepartment of Primary Industries I
Agency TypeDepartment
Start Date 26/9/1963
End Date 26/2/1996
Date NotesN/A

Responsible for promoting the sustainable economic development of Queensland's primary industries.

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Series IDTitleFromTo
5935Executive Council Submissions and Minutes - Agriculture Department/ Agriculture and Stock Department/ Department of Primary Industries 26/9/1963 19/12/1968
18161Reports, Submissions and Committee, Conference Etc. Papers Related to Agriculture 26/9/1963 31/12/1969
17517Card Register of Stock Returns 26/9/1963 31/12/1976
6011Card Registers of General Correspondence (Department of Primary Industries) 26/9/1963 31/12/1977
6024Correspondence File Movement Control Registers 26/9/1963 31/12/1977
6035General Correspondence 26/9/1963 31/12/1977
6041Batch Files 26/9/1963 1/7/1981
9718Personnel Files 26/9/1963 31/12/1982
681Films Depicting Queensland Primary Industries 26/9/1963 1/7/1987
18162Minutes and Proceedings of the Australian Agricultural Council and the Standing Committee on Agriculture 26/9/1963 2/8/1991
21035Stock Food Chemical Registration Indexes 26/9/1963 31/12/1995
19146Forestry Camp Maps 26/9/1963 25/2/1996
20750Chemical Registration Files 26/9/1963 26/2/1996
4965Soil Conservation Project Area Plans 1/1/1968 31/12/1970
19419Water, Soil and Plant Sample Analysis Files 1/1/1970 26/2/1996
4934Miscellaneous Land Resource Maps 1/1/1971 31/12/1979
4933Western Arid Region Land Use Study Maps 1/1/1972 31/12/1977
4932Land Use Technical Guide Maps 1/3/1972 31/12/1975
4930Condamine - Maranoa Basin Evaluation of Resources Maps 1/9/1974 30/9/1974
4931Granite and Traprock Areas of South - East Queensland Maps 1/1/1975 31/12/1975
20486Indexes to Forestry Maps 1/1/1989 25/2/1999
19289General Correspondence (Forestry Regional Offices) 1/7/1995 26/2/1996
20872Beef Industry Development Advisory Council Files 1/1/1996 26/2/1996
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Agency IDTitleFromTo
11338Stock Routes and Rural Lands Protection Coordinating Board 26/9/1963 22/8/1978
1655Queensland Dairy Products Stabilisation Board 26/9/1963 22/8/1981
1656Queensland Dairymen's Organisation 26/9/1963 1/10/1987
10519Queensland Milk Board 26/9/1963 30/6/1989
559Central Sugar Cane Prices Board 26/9/1963 15/7/1991
11027Sugar Board 26/9/1963 15/7/1991
11089State Wheat Board 26/9/1963 31/12/1991
621Council of Agriculture 26/9/1963 10/5/1994
564Office of the Chief Inspector of Stock 26/9/1963 25/2/1996
1690Office of the Registrar of Brands 26/9/1963 25/2/1996
2827Primary Industries Department, Land Management Division, Agricultural Chemistry Branch 26/9/1963 25/2/1996
391Primary Industries Department, Plant Industry Division, Horticulture Branch 26/9/1963 25/2/1996
1651Queensland Cane Growers' Council 26/9/1963 25/2/1996
10682Queensland Fruit and Vegetable Growers 26/9/1963 25/2/1996
10718Tobacco Quota Appeals Tribunal 1/1/1966 25/2/1996
11152Agricultural Chemicals Distribution Control Board 8/6/1967 25/2/1996
8500Agricultural Bank II 29/5/1969 31/12/1986
1660Queensland Fish Board 29/5/1969 13/5/1989
8840Hen Quota Committee 3/9/1973 18/11/1994
10922Grain Research Foundation 29/1/1977 25/2/1996
11339Stock Routes and Rural Lands Protection Board 21/9/1978 1/7/1986
10719Fishing Industry Appeals Tribunal 15/12/1983 31/12/1994
7621Rural Lands Protection Board 1/7/1986 25/2/1996
10520Queensland Dairy Industry Authority 30/6/1989 10/2/1994
1675Queensland Water Resources Commission 7/12/1989 31/12/1992
1661Queensland Forest Service 7/12/1989 1/7/1995
7872Queensland Dairy Authority 10/2/1994 25/2/1996
7874Queensland Egg Industry Management Authority 18/11/1994 25/2/1996
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Information Sources

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Abolishing N/A
Administered Abattoirs Acts
Agricultural Chemicals Distribution Control Act 1966-1983
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Wheat Industry Stabilisation Acts
Wool Draft Allowance Abolition Act
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The Department of Primary Industries was established when the Department of Agriculture and Stock was renamed on 26 September 1963, following a change in Government.

In 1963, the Department consisted of five main divisions: Administrative Division; Division of Plant Industry; Division of Marketing; Division of Animal Industry; and Division of Dairying.
Responsibilities were:
Animal Health and Production Research and Extension; Animal Husbandry (Horses, Cattle and Sheet) – Registration; Apiaries
Brands (Horses, Cattle and Sheet) – Registration; Buffalo Fly Control; Brisbane Market Trust; Brisbane Milk Board
Cattle Tick Research, Control and Eradication; Central Sugar Cane Prices Board; Council of Agriculture; Committee of Direction of Fruit Marketing; Commodity Boards and Marketing of Primary Produce
Dairy Produce Production; Dairy Products Marketing and Stabilisation; Diseases in Animals, Plants and Poultry
Employment of Aliens in the Banana and Sugar Industries
Farm Produce Agents; Fertilizers; Fruit Cases – Use of, but not production
Government Public Gardens; Grades of Fruit and Vegetables
Margarine; Marking Preparations (Live Stock)
Native Plants Protection
Pasteurisation and Marketing of Milk; Pest Destroyers; Pools for Wheat, Cheese, and Primary Products; Poultry Advisory Board; Primary Producers’ Co-operative Associations; Protection of Native Fauna and Flora
Queensland Cane Growers’ Council; Queensland Dairymen’s Organisation; Queensland Meat Industry Board and District Abattoir Boards
Research Stations; Regulation of Prices for Sugar Cane
Seeds and Seed Certification; Slaughter of Live Stock for human consumption; Soil Conservation; Stock Foods; Sugar Board; Sugar Experiment Stations Board; Sugar Cane Pest and Disease Control Boards
Tuberculin Testing of Dairy Cattle
Veterinary Medicines; Veterinary Surgeons Board
Wheat Board

The Department underwent a number of organisational changes over time, including the creation of the Division of Development Planning and Soil Conservation (1965) which provided a basis for co-ordinated planning of developmental projects within primary industry.
In 1969 a major restructure of the Division of Dairying was made to strengthen and integrate Departmental extension and research services to the farming and manufacturing segments of the dairying industry.

On 29 May 1969 control of the Agricultural Bank, Fish Board and Fisheries Branch were transferred to the Department of Primary Industries. The Fisheries Branch was shortly moved out of the Department on 4 September 1969, before being returned to the Department of Primary Industries in February 1970.
It was moved again to the Department of Harbours, Rivers and Marine in 1974, before being reinstated in the Department of Primary Industries in December 1980, forming a new Division of Dairying and Fisheries.

In 1972 a formal system of coordinated extension was established through a new Extension Services Section controlled by an Extension Services Board, made up of Senior Officers of each Division and the Deputy Director-General as Chairman.
The State was divided into regions and Regional Extension Leaders coordinated activity in their respective regions.

In 1986 the Agricultural Bank was absorbed into the Queensland Industry Development Corporation, administered by Queensland Treasury.

A change of State Government in late 1989 resulted in an extended period of change and restructuring of the Department which assumed responsibility for the Forestry portfolio transferred to DPI as Queensland Forest Service; and water resources as the Water Resources Commission, responsible for development and management of Queensland’s water resources and associated environment.

After a change of State Government, the Department of Primary Industries was formally renamed the ‘Department of Primary Industries, Fisheries and Forestry’ on 26 February 1996. Despite the legal change of title, ‘Department of Primary Industries’ was commonly maintained for general use.
Note: A Department of Primary Industries was subsequently established on 29 June 1998.
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Queensland State Archives Agency ID11731, Department of Primary Industries I
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