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Agency ID1163
TitleSupreme Court, Moreton Bay
Agency TypeSupreme Court
Start Date 1/4/1857
End Date 10/12/1859
Date NotesN/A

The Supreme Court is the highest court in Queensland

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Series IDTitleFromTo
5739Oaths of Allegiance Administered to Justices of the Peace 1/1/1857 10/11/1859
5170Registers of Ecclesiastical Files - Supreme Court, Southern District, Brisbane 1/1/1857 9/12/1859
15499Insolvency Files [Supreme Court, Southern District, Brisbane] 1/1/1857 10/12/1859
4486Supreme Court (Southern) Ecclesiastical Files 1/1/1857 10/12/1859
5687Writs (Civil - Supreme Court, Brisbane) 1/1/1857 10/12/1859
5720Writs of Prohibition 1/1/1857 10/12/1859
15536Information, Depositions and Associated Papers in Criminal Cases Heard in Sittings in Brisbane 1/1/1857 7/8/1861
15464Correspondence and Papers re Cases in the Supreme Court, Moreton Bay 1/4/1857 22/1/1858
5751Articles of Clerkship Files 1/4/1857 10/12/1859
15687Attorney's Papers on Various Matters Retained in Supreme Court 1/4/1857 10/12/1859
15505Equity Files 1/4/1857 10/12/1859
15522Files Relating to the Admission of Persons to Practice as Barristers, Solicitors and Other Legal Practitioners 1/4/1857 10/12/1859
15490Letterbook of the Resident Judge, Moreton Bay and Associates 1/4/1857 10/12/1859
15456Letters Received 1/4/1857 10/12/1859
15673Miscellaneous Papers Filed in Criminal Cases [Supreme Court] 1/4/1857 10/12/1859
15516Register Boards re Admissions to Practice As Attorneys, Barristers and Conveyancers 1/4/1857 10/12/1859
540Registers of Miscellaneous Files [Proceedings Commenced Otherwise Than by Writ] 1/4/1857 10/12/1859
15521Rolls of Barristers, Attorneys, Solicitors, Proctors and Conveyancers admitted to practice [photocopy] 1/4/1857 10/12/1859
5750Miscellaneous Files (proceedings started otherwise than by Writ) Supreme Court, Brisbane 15/4/1857 10/12/1859
18554Judges' Notebooks (Supreme Court) 6/5/1857 10/12/1859
15530Judgment Files in Civil Cases, 1/1/1858 10/12/1859
15548Miscellaneous Insolvency Papers 1/1/1858 10/12/1859
5741Oaths of Allegiance Sworn by Aliens Being Naturalised 6/9/1858 10/12/1859
5177Registers of Aliens to Whom Oaths of Allegiance for Naturalisation Were Administered 6/9/1858 10/12/1859
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Controlling Agencies

Agency IDTitleFromTo
1161Colonial Secretary's Office, New South Wales 1/4/1857 10/12/1859
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Controlled Agencies

Agency IDTitleFromTo
10822Curator of Intestate Estates, Moreton Bay 1/4/1857 10/12/1859
1463Official Assignee Office 1/4/1857 10/12/1859
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2118Circuit Court, Moreton Bay
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Information Sources

New South Wales Government Gazette 1857, No 51, p 815
1. McPherson, B. H., The Supreme Court of Queensland 1859 - 1960, Brisbane, Butterworths, 1989, p. 29
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Establishing N/A
Abolishing Supreme Court Constitution Amendment Act 1861; Supreme Court Act of 1863
Administered N/A
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Criminal and civil sittings of the New South Wales Supreme Court on circuit were held in Brisbane from 1850 to 1856. In 1857 a Resident Judge was appointed to Moreton Bay.

At separation the only judge in Queensland was a judge of the Supreme Court of New South Wales, exercising jurisdiction in what had previously been the District of Moreton Bay and was now the colony of Queensland.

"From December 10, 1859, official notice, appointments of court officers, and rules of court were gazetted under the title "Supreme Court of Queensland". Although the seal of the Moreton Bay Court continued in use until 1861, proceedings in Court were entitled or addressed to "The Supreme Court of Queensland". The Acts of 1861 and 1863 simply gave statutory effect to an established political and juridical fact. If name is important, the Supreme Court came into existence at Separation on December 10, 1859, to which the legislation of 1863 later assigned its beginnings." 1.

The Supreme Court of Queensland was formerly established under the "Supreme Court Constitution Amendment Act 1861". Under the provisions of the 1861 Act, the Supreme Court of Queensland was to be a court of record to be held at Brisbane. The full powers and legal jurisdiction of the Supreme Court of New South Wales were retrospectively transferred to the Supreme Court of Queensland under the "Supreme Court Act 1863".
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Queensland State Archives Agency ID1163, Supreme Court, Moreton Bay
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