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Agency ID1161
TitleColonial Secretary's Office, New South Wales
Agency TypeNew South Wales government authority
Start Date 1/1/1821
End Date 10/12/1859
Date NotesN/A

Member of the Executive Council and Legislative Council and Chief Advisor to the Governor of New South Wales

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Controlled Agencies

Agency IDTitleFromTo
2753Commandant's Office, Moreton Bay 14/9/1824 10/2/1842
10762Colonial Architect's Office, New South Wales 3/4/1832 10/12/1859
2771Immigration Agent, New South Wales 10/2/1842 10/12/1859
2144Commissioner for Crown Lands, Moreton District 5/4/1842 1/1/1849
2700Police Magistrate, Moreton Bay 1/1/1843 8/4/1853
669Court of Petty Sessions, Brisbane 5/4/1843 10/12/1859
1057Commissioner of Crown Lands, Darling Downs 16/5/1843 1/1/1849
2463Small Debts Court, Brisbane 19/9/1843 10/12/1859
1791Small Debts Court, Ipswich 12/12/1846 10/12/1859
673Court of Petty Sessions, Cambooya 21/12/1846 14/8/1848
718Court of Petty Sessions, Ipswich 21/12/1846 10/12/1859
1443Native Police, New South Wales 17/8/1848 10/12/1859
10425Commissioner of Crown Lands, Wide Bay and Burnett 7/11/1848 31/12/1848
702Court of Petty Sessions, Gayndah 1/1/1850 10/12/1859
758Court of Petty Sessions, Maryborough 1/1/1850 10/12/1859
805Court of Petty Sessions, Warwick 12/2/1850 10/12/1859
2193Government Resident, Moreton Bay 8/4/1853 10/12/1859
704Court of Petty Sessions, Gladstone 2/1/1854 10/12/1859
1784Small Debts Court, Gladstone 20/1/1854 10/12/1859
691Court of Petty Sessions, Dalby 21/9/1854 10/12/1859
8455Ipswich Hospital Board of Management / Ipswich Hospitals Board 1/4/1856 10/12/1859
1163Supreme Court, Moreton Bay 1/4/1857 10/12/1859
2377Native Police 5/5/1857 10/12/1859
775Court of Petty Sessions, Nanango 8/12/1857 10/12/1859
738Court of Petty Sessions, Rockhampton 16/9/1858 10/12/1859
1815Small Debts Court, Rockhampton 16/9/1858 10/12/1859
423Court of Petty Sessions, Taroom 11/2/1859 10/12/1859
1822Small Debts Court, Taroom 11/2/1859 10/12/1859
2758Supreme Court, Southern District, Maryborough 1/3/1859 23/12/1859
2524Police Department, Water Police Unit 31/5/1859 10/12/1859
10315Brisbane Municipal Council 7/9/1859 10/12/1859
2114Circuit Court, Ipswich 11/10/1859 23/12/1859
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Information Sources

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Establishing N/A
Abolishing N/A
Administered N/A
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On 13 June 1820 Major Frederick Goulburn was commissioned as Colonial Secretary and Registrar of the Records of New South Wales. On 1 January 1821, Frederick Goulburn was officially appointed to the position of Colonial Secretary.

The Colonial Secretary was a member of the Executive Council and the Legislative Council, chief adviser to the Governor of New South Wales and had a legal responsibility to the Governor whose instructions he was bound to carry out. He kept the Registers of Letters and was the channel for all communication with the Governor. From the 1840s he was responsible for financial and statistical returns. From 1842 the Colonial Secretary was the chief government spokesman.

With the introduction of responsible government in 1856, the Colonial Secretary became the head of government, and the Colonial Secretary's Office was charged with responsibility for all functions not undertaken by the departments of the Attorney-General, Colonial Treasurer, and the Secretary of Lands and Works.

The Colonial Secretary's Office, New South Wales ceased as an agency responsible for Queensland with the proclamation and publication of Letters Patent to create the colony of Queensland on 10 December 1859.
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Preferred Citation

Queensland State Archives Agency ID1161, Colonial Secretary's Office, New South Wales
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