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Agency ID11454
TitleQueensland Police Service
Agency TypeDepartment
Start Date 3/4/2012
End Date Current
Date NotesN/A

Responsible for keeping the peace and for the prevention and detection of crime.

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Series IDTitleFromTo
1108Police Staff Files (AF Files) 3/4/2012 N/A
18823Cabinet Related Documents 3/4/2012 30/6/2016
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Controlling Agencies

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Controlled Agencies

Agency IDTitleFromTo
5018Police Department, Metropolitan North Region, Brisbane Central District Office 3/4/2012 Current
2524Police Department, Water Police Unit 3/4/2012 Current
1539Police Station, Adavale 3/4/2012 Current
1543Police Station, Aramac 3/4/2012 Current
1544Police Station, Atherton 3/4/2012 Current
2000Police Station, Augathella 3/4/2012 Current
1545Police Station, Barcaldine 3/4/2012 Current
1546Police Station, Beaudesert 3/4/2012 Current
1265Police Station, Bedourie 3/4/2012 Current
2383Police Station, Biggenden 3/4/2012 Current
1547Police Station, Biloela 3/4/2012 Current
1248Police Station, Birdsville 3/4/2012 Current
2384Police Station, Blackall 3/4/2012 Current
2523Police Station, Bollon 3/4/2012 Current
1548Police Station, Bowen 3/4/2012 Current
2386Police Station, Bundaberg 3/4/2012 Current
1247Police Station, Burketown 3/4/2012 Current
1550Police Station, Cairns 3/4/2012 Current
1551Police Station, Calliope 3/4/2012 Current
10444Police Station, Cambooya 3/4/2012 Current
2387Police Station, Canungra 3/4/2012 Current
2388Police Station, Cardwell 3/4/2012 Current
2389Police Station, Charleville 3/4/2012 Current
261Police Station, Charters Towers 3/4/2012 Current
1231Police Station, Childers 3/4/2012 Current
1233Police Station, Chillagoe 3/4/2012 Current
2522Police Station, Cleveland 3/4/2012 Current
2390Police Station, Cloncurry 3/4/2012 Current
2391Police Station, Cooktown 3/4/2012 Current
1554Police Station, Croydon 3/4/2012 Current
2393Police Station, Dajarra 3/4/2012 Current
1555Police Station, Dalby 3/4/2012 Current
3798Police Station, Dayboro 3/4/2012 Current
2394Police Station, Dimbulah 3/4/2012 Current
2779Police Station, Drayton 3/4/2012 Current
1264Police Station, Dulacca 3/4/2012 Current
9668Police Station, Dunwich 3/4/2012 Current
1250Police Station, Eidsvold 3/4/2012 Current
1558Police Station, Einasleigh 3/4/2012 Current
1238Police Station, Emerald 3/4/2012 Current
1251Police Station, Eromanga 3/4/2012 Current
2006Police Station, Esk 3/4/2012 Current
2398Police Station, Eton 3/4/2012 Current
1559Police Station, Eulo 3/4/2012 Current
1560Police Station, Forsayth 3/4/2012 Current
1246Police Station, Gatton 3/4/2012 Current
1257Police Station, Gayndah 3/4/2012 Current
1562Police Station, Georgetown 3/4/2012 Current
1563Police Station, Gladstone 3/4/2012 Current
11554Police Station, Goondiwindi 3/4/2012 Current
2013Police Station, Goovigen 3/4/2012 Current
655Police Station, Gympie 3/4/2012 Current
2396Police Station, Halifax 3/4/2012 Current
1565Police Station, Herberton 3/4/2012 Current
1981Police Station, Howard 3/4/2012 Current
2397Police Station, Hughenden 3/4/2012 Current
1566Police Station, Hungerford 3/4/2012 Current
1567Police Station, Ilfracombe 3/4/2012 Current
1980Police Station, Indooroopilly 3/4/2012 Current
2399Police Station, Ingham 3/4/2012 Current
1252Police Station, Inglewood 3/4/2012 Current
2422Police Station, Innisfail 3/4/2012 Current
2400Police Station, Isisford 3/4/2012 Current
1235Police Station, Jandowae 3/4/2012 Current
2401Police Station, Jundah 3/4/2012 Current
4495Police Station, Kenilworth 3/4/2012 Current
659Police Station, Kilcoy 3/4/2012 Current
1571Police Station, Kilkivan 3/4/2012 Current
1572Police Station, Kuranda 3/4/2012 Current
2015Police Station, Kynuna 3/4/2012 Current
2003Police Station, Laidley 3/4/2012 Current
1573Police Station, Leyburn 3/4/2012 Current
1574Police Station, Longreach 3/4/2012 Current
2424Police Station, Malanda 3/4/2012 Current
2425Police Station, Marburg 3/4/2012 Current
1575Police Station, Mareeba 3/4/2012 Current
1982Police Station, Maryborough 3/4/2012 Current
1230Police Station, Miles 3/4/2012 Current
2426Police Station, Millaa Millaa 3/4/2012 Current
8505Police Station, Miriam Vale 3/4/2012 Current
1256Police Station, Mitchell 3/4/2012 Current
4498Police Station, Moore 3/4/2012 Current
1243Police Station, Morven 3/4/2012 Current
1576Police Station, Mount Garnet 3/4/2012 Current
1577Police Station, Mount Molloy 3/4/2012 Current
1578Police Station, Mount Morgan 3/4/2012 Current
1240Police Station, Mundingburra 3/4/2012 Current
2010Police Station, Mungallala 3/4/2012 Current
1242Police Station, Mungindi 3/4/2012 Current
2016Police Station, Nanango 3/4/2012 Current
1580Police Station, Nebo 3/4/2012 Current
1253Police Station, Oakey 3/4/2012 Current
10269Police Station, Pentland 3/4/2012 Current
2527Police Station, Peranga 3/4/2012 Current
1234Police Station, Pittsworth 3/4/2012 Current
2409Police Station, Port Douglas 3/4/2012 Current
2410Police Station, Quilpie 3/4/2012 Current
2427Police Station, Ravenshoe 3/4/2012 Current
2411Police Station, Ravenswood 3/4/2012 Current
1584Police Station, Richmond 3/4/2012 Current
2428Police Station, Rockhampton 3/4/2012 Current
2528Police Station, Rolleston 3/4/2012 Current
2782Police Station, Roma 3/4/2012 Current
656Police Station, Rosewood 3/4/2012 Current
1587Police Station, Southport 3/4/2012 Current
1588Police Station, Springsure 3/4/2012 Current
1589Police Station, St Lawrence 3/4/2012 Current
1261Police Station, Stanthorpe 3/4/2012 Current
1591Police Station, Surat 3/4/2012 Current
11301Police Station, Tara 3/4/2012 Current
1592Police Station, Taroom 3/4/2012 Current
1260Police Station, Theodore 3/4/2012 Current
2413Police Station, Thursday Island 3/4/2012 Current
2008Police Station, Toogoolawah 3/4/2012 Current
1596Police Station, Toowoomba 3/4/2012 Current
1597Police Station, Townsville 3/4/2012 Current
1267Police Station, Walkerston 3/4/2012 Current
1598Police Station, Wallumbilla 3/4/2012 Current
2415Police Station, Winton 3/4/2012 Current
1254Police Station, Wondai 3/4/2012 Current
1600Police Station, Wyandra 3/4/2012 Current
1601Police Station, Wynnum 3/4/2012 Current
2012Police Station, Yaraka 3/4/2012 Current
2529Police Station, Yuleba 3/4/2012 Current
2431Police Station, Yungaburra 3/4/2012 Current
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Previous Agencies

Agency IDTitle
27Police Department
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Establishing Public Service Act 2008: Public Service Departmental Arrangements Notice (No. 1) 2012
Abolishing N/A
Administered Australian Crime Commission (Qld) Act 2003
Child Protection (Offender Prohibition Order) Act 2008
Child Protection (Offender Reporting) Act 2004
G20 (Safety and Security) Act 2013
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Police Service Administration Act 1990
Public Safety Preservation Act 1986
Queensland Police Welfare Club Act 1970
Summary Offences Act 2005
Terrorism (Preventative Detention) Act 2005
Weapons Act 1990
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On 3 April 2012, under Public Service Departmental Arrangements Notice (No. 1) 2012, the Department of Police was renamed the Queensland Police Service. The police force itself had been known as the Queensland Police Service since 1990.

The 1864 Rules stated that District Inspectors' duties were the prevention of crime, detection of criminals, and the general preservation of the peace.

Police also performed many extraneous duties including those relating to the courts, land, stock and native animals, social life and welfare including neglected children and protection of aborigines.

Under the "Police Service Administration Act 1990" the functions of the police service are to preserve peace and good order; protect the community; prevent crime; detect offenders; uphold the law; ensure the fair and efficient administration of the law; and provide services in emergency situations.

The 1863 Act provided for centralised control of the police force under a Commissioner of Police stationed in Brisbane, and responsible to the Colonial Secretary. The officers of the police force comprised District Inspectors and Sub-Inspectors, Sergeants and Constables. This structure remained until the 1970s when administrative changes were introduced including the appointment of three Assistant Commissioners responsible for crime, administration and traffic respectively, and the division of the state into four regions.

Following the 1987 - 1989 Commission of Inquiry (Fitzgerald Inquiry) into "Possible Illegal Activities and Associated Police Misconduct" and a subsequent 1993 review, a major re-organisation of the department was undertaken. Among the significant changes were: revision of the laws relating to policing; the abolition of the Police Complaints Tribunal and the Internal Investigations Branch, and the establishment of the independent Criminal Justice Commission (later Crime and Misconduct Commission); and the creation of a decentralised administrative structure which includes centralised functional commands to provide specialist support to the eight regions.

Under the "Police Service Administration Act 1990" the Queensland Police Force became the Queensland Police Service.

LEGACY FUNCTIONS (Machinery of Government changes transferring functions to/from the responsibility of the Department):

On 16 February 2015, under the Administrative Arrangements Order (No.1) 2015, the Queensland Police Service continued to operate under the same name and previous responsibilities, as an Administrative Unit responsible to the Commissioner of the Police Service, under the Minister for Police, Fire and Emergency Services.

On 12 December 2017, under Administrative Arrangements Order (No. 4) 2017, the Queensland Police Service again continued to operate under the same name and previous responsibilities, as an Administrative unit responsible to the Commissioner of the Police Service, under the Minister for Police and Minister for Corrective Services.

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Queensland State Archives Agency ID11454, Queensland Police Service
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