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Agency ID11374
TitleFarm Home for Boys, Westbrook
Agency TypeCorrectional facility
Start Date Circa 31/12/1919
End Date 26/5/1966
Date NotesN/A

Reformatory confinement for boys under the age of 18

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Series IDTitleFromTo
998General Correspondence [Westbrook] 31/12/1919 29/11/1941
1777Jones Family Cutting Book [Westbrook] 31/12/1919 1/7/1947
19337Case Files [Westbrook] 31/12/1919 20/8/1953
19624Case History Cards [Westbrook] 31/12/1919 26/5/1966
1223History Papers [Westbrook] 31/12/1919 26/5/1966
989Visiting Medical Officers' Journals [Westbrook] 31/12/1919 26/5/1966
988Visitors' Books [Westbrook] 31/12/1919 26/5/1966
549Superintendent's Punishment Registers [Westbrook] 14/1/1924 26/5/1966
20068Financial Records [Westbrook] 19/1/1935 18/10/1943
20069Rations Registers [Westbrook] 1/11/1941 31/12/1949
997Administration Files [Westbrook] 1/1/1959 26/5/1966
20070Letters and Parcels Registers [Westbrook] 12/2/1960 15/6/1964
991Visiting Psychiatrist's Journals [Westbrook] 3/7/1962 26/5/1966
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11375Westbrook Training Centre
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6459Wilson Youth Hospital SchoolAttended by school-aged boys
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Information Sources

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Establishing State Children Act 1911
Abolishing N/A
Administered State Children Act 1911
Children's Services Act 1965
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In 1919, the Westbrook Reformatory for Boys changed its name to the Farm Home for Boys, Westbrook. This was done as with the intention of having a positive 'moral effect' on the boys at the Home.

Boys under the age of 18 years were sentenced to a term of confinement by various Courts. At the Farm Home, boys received training in farm skills while learning to work the Home's farmland. Boys were taught to farm, garden and keep stock. Produce from the farm was sold, and the boys allowed to keep the profits from their gardens. Stock were often exhibited at the annual Toowoomba Show. Boys were also involved in regular maintenance work of the buildings at the Home.

As part of their education and rehabilitation, trustworthy boys could be put out to service in trades. Boys contracted out as farm hands to local farmers were paid wages. Wages were banked and the accumulated amount paid to the boys in instalments between the ages of 18 and 21 years. It appears this practice ceased sometime before 1950.

The Home was under the supervision of a Superintendent responsible for admissions, discharges, internal discipline and the general administration of the reformatory. The Superintendent reported directly to the Home Secretary, later the relevant heads of Departments.

A medical officer, psychiatrists and school teacher also visited the reformatory to look after the health and education of the inmates. Teachers were appointed by the Public Instruction Department, later the Education Department.

On 26 May 1966 the Farm Home for Boys was renamed the Westbrook Training Centre.

Home Secretary, c 31 Dec 1919 - 5 Dec 1935
Secretary for Health and Home Affairs 5 Dec 1935 - 12 Aug 1957
Minister for Health and Home Affairs 12 Aug 1957 - 26 Sep 1963
Minister for Labour and Industry, 26 Sep 1963 - 26 May 1966
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Queensland State Archives Agency ID11374, Farm Home for Boys, Westbrook
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