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Agency ID11148
TitleLand Commissioner's Court, Blackall
Agency TypeRegional or District Office
Start Date 11/1/1881
End Date 9/12/1991
Date NotesN/A

Administered sales, selections and leases of Crown land

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18813Minute Books 6/10/1916 6/4/1965
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Agency IDTitleFromTo
18Lands Department 11/1/1881 1/3/1885
228Land Board 1/3/1885 1/3/1898
150Land Court 1/3/1898 31/12/1991
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Information Sources

"The Crown Lands Alienation Act of 1876"
"Land Act of 1897" s51
"Lands Acts Amendment Act of 1905", s37
"Land Act of 1910" s16
"Lands Legislation Amendment Act of 1991", s5
"Queensland Government Gazette", Vol XXVII, No 53, 9 October 1880, p.885
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Establishing "The Crown Lands Alienation Act of 1876"
Abolishing "Lands Legislation Amendment Act of 1991"
Administered N/A
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On 8 October 1880, the Commissioner of Crown Lands at Blackall was appointed to act as Land Commissioner for that district under the "Crown Lands Alienation Act of 1876". Each Land Commissioner was to sit at the Land Office of his district at certain stated times, which were to be determined by the Governor in Council. All questions were to be decided by the Commissioner who gave his decision in open court. The first court sitting in Blackall was held on the second Tuesday of January 1880 and subsequent sittings were to be held on the second Tuesday of each month.

Under the "Crown Lands Alienation Act of 1876" the Land Commissioner was to hold an open court once in each month, on a day of which notice was to be given in the Government Gazette. The Act took effect from 1 March 1877.

The Land Commissioner's Court had jurisdiction over the following matters:
- Applications for Selections and for certain types of Crown Licences (licence to cut timber, remove gravel, etc.)
- Forfeitures: determination if a Selection or a Perpetual Leasehold was liable to forfeiture
- Certificate of performance of conditions: decision whether the conditions had been performed and if so, issue of a certificate to that effect.

Under the "Land Act of 1897", Section 51, and later Section 16 of the Lands Act 1910, the powers and duties of the Land Commissioner were further specified and the holding of an open court once a month confirmed.

The Land Commissioner was appointed by the Governor in Council with jurisdiction over a particular district. A Land Commissioner was under a statutory duty to hold a Land Commissioner's Court at least once a month. The procedures and powers resemble those of the Courts of Petty Sessions.

Under the "Lands Legislation Amendment Act 1991", all Land Agents and Land Agents Districts were rescinded and replaced with District Land Offices, with officers of the Land Department [Part 2, 4(1) and 4(2)]. The position of Land Commissioner and therefore the Land Commissioner's Court was also abolished.
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Preferred Citation

Queensland State Archives Agency ID11148, Land Commissioner's Court, Blackall
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Last updated 9 September 2016
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