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Agency ID10635
TitleBureau of Ethnic Affairs
Agency TypeBusiness unit or division
Start Date Circa 1/2/1984
End Date 1/9/1997
Date NotesN/A

Provided services for ethnic communities

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Series IDTitleFromTo
17592Card Index to General Files 1/2/1984 31/12/1985
17600Card Register of Immigrant Employment Nominations 1/2/1984 31/12/1985
17597Card Register of Immigrants (by marital status) 1/2/1984 31/12/1985
17586Card Register of Immigrants' Nominators 1/2/1984 31/12/1985
5611Card Index to Personal Files for Nominated Immigrants 1/2/1984 31/12/1995
4227Personal Files for Nominated Immigrants 1/2/1984 1/9/1997
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Information Sources

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Administered N/A
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The Welfare Services Department, Migrant Services Division was upgraded in February 1984 (circa month) to an autonomous sub-department, the Department of Ethnic Affairs, within the Welfare Services Department.
With the creation of the Department of Community Services and Ethnic Affairs on 14 December 1987, the new Department assumed responsibility for the re-named Office of Ethnic Affairs (OEA).
Following subsequent portfolio reshuffles, the Department of Family Services and Aboriginal Affairs assumed responsibility for the OEA on 7 December 1989, and the name was changed in June 1990 (circa month) to Bureau of Ethnic Affairs (BEA) with the BEA operating as a separate entity within the Department.

The change to full departmental status reflected a broader social focus, and was effected in order to:
identify and develop programs that met the needs of migrant families and ethnic communities
ensure access of ethnic and migrant groups to available services
develop research
strengthen liaison between government and ethnic communities

Services provided included:
accommodation at "Yungaba" for new migrant families
settlement advice and welfare consultancy services for new migrants
assistance to ethnic communities to become established and self-sufficient
research, information and library facilities
support facilities for the Queensland Ethnic Affairs Advisory Council
migrant advisory and administrative functions for personal and employer nominations
translating and interpretation services
Queensland Migrant Welcome Association co-ordination
accommodation assistance for the Ethnic Communities Council of Queensland

Through the 1990s, the BEA's role became a co-ordinating and advisory one with the purpose of achieving an harmonious multicultural society.

The positions of Director and Migration Officer were continued in the Department of Ethnic Affairs, but the appointment of Co-ordinators, including those of the Translating and Interpreting Unit, community welfare consultants and research and information officers, reflected the diversified range of services provided to ethnic communities. The BEA established working parties with other state governmental agencies and was represented on Commonwealth/State Committees.

With the change in focus to a multicultural society, the issue of ethnic affairs was no longer seen as predominately one of welfare, and the Premier and Cabinet Department took over responsibility for the BEA on 26 February 1996. In September 1997 (circa month), the BEA was replaced by the Office of Ethnic and Multicultural Affairs, subsequently Multicultural Affairs Queensland.

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Queensland State Archives Agency ID10635, Bureau of Ethnic Affairs
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