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Agency ID10491
TitleDepartment of Natural Resources, Mines and Water
Agency TypeDepartment
Start Date 2/2/2006
End Date 13/9/2006
Date NotesN/A

Responsible for management of: natural resources, mining, and water infrastructure

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Series IDTitleFromTo
17937Informal Lease Files 22/2/2001 17/4/2003
20684Purchase Lease Files 22/2/2001 26/6/2003
17971Auction Sales 22/2/2001 30/1/2004
20565Applications for Authority to Prospect 22/2/2001 31/3/2004
20301Seabed Lease Files 22/2/2001 22/9/2004
20544Deeds of Grant Queensland Housing Commission 22/2/2001 10/3/2005
216Land Open for Selection Files 22/2/2001 21/12/2005
20264Applications for Property Maps of Assessable Vegetation 22/2/2001 13/9/2006
20543Applications to Lease Vacant Crown Land 22/2/2001 13/9/2006
17961Auction Perpetual Lease Files 22/2/2001 13/9/2006
6335Exchange Files 22/2/2001 13/9/2006
20347Freeholding Lease Files 22/2/2001 13/9/2006
17969Land Acquisition Files 22/2/2001 13/9/2006
17964Non-Competitive Lease Files 22/2/2001 13/9/2006
14005Occupation Licence Files 22/2/2001 13/9/2006
14031Pastoral Holdings (Run Files) 22/2/2001 13/9/2006
17940Permits to Occupy 22/2/2001 13/9/2006
17925Reserve Files 22/2/2001 13/9/2006
17970Road Case Files 22/2/2001 13/9/2006
18005Special Lease Files 22/2/2001 13/9/2006
18007Special Lease Purchase Freehold Files 22/2/2001 13/9/2006
19327State of the Rivers Project - Field Data Sheets 22/2/2001 13/9/2006
19769Tenure Files, Emerald and Mackay Land Districts 22/2/2001 13/9/2006
17923Well Files 22/2/2001 13/9/2006
21091Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Land Services (ATSILS) Records 2/2/2006 13/9/2006
612Aerial Film Negatives 2/2/2006 13/9/2006
21138Aerial Photographic Key Maps 2/2/2006 13/9/2006
21124Aerial Photographic Prints 2/2/2006 13/9/2006
17958Auction Purchase Freehold Files 2/2/2006 13/9/2006
14050Dead Farm Files 2/2/2006 13/9/2006
21139Identification Survey Plans 2/2/2006 13/9/2006
35Miners Homestead Lease Files 2/2/2006 13/9/2006
17922Opening Lands for Prospecting Files 2/2/2006 13/9/2006
21135Queensland Topographic Survey Files 2/2/2006 13/9/2006
20346Term Lease Files 2/2/2006 13/9/2006
19419Water, Soil and Plant Sample Analysis Files 2/2/2006 13/9/2006
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Controlled Agencies

Agency IDTitleFromTo
9573Mining Warden's Court 22/2/2001 16/3/2001
227Land Appeal Court 22/2/2001 1/1/2003
150Land Court 22/2/2001 1/1/2003
10710Land Court, Atherton 22/2/2001 1/1/2003
2577Geological Survey of Queensland 22/2/2001 13/9/2006
983Inspector of Mines, Rockhampton 22/2/2001 13/9/2006
11350Titles Registration Branch 22/2/2001 13/9/2006
4029Darling Downs and Moreton Rabbit Board 2/2/2006 13/9/2006
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Information Sources

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Establishing Administrative Arrangements Order (No. 1) 2006 of 2 February 2006
Abolishing Administrative Arrangements Order (No. 2) 2006
Administered Aboriginal Land Act 1991
Acquisition of Land Act 1967 & Amendment Act 1999
Administrative Boundaries Terminology Act 1985
Aurukun Associates Agreement Act 1975
Body Corporate and Community Management Act 1997
Brisbane Forest Park Act 1977
Building Units and Group Titles Act 1980
Central Queensland Coal Associates Agreement Act 1968
Century Zinc Project Act 1997
Foreign Governments (Titles to Land) Act 1948
Foreign Ownership of Land Register 1988
Forestry Act 1959 (except that administered by the Minister for Primary Industries)
Gladstone Area Water Board Act 1984
Ipswich Trades Hall Act 1986
Land Act 1994
Land Court Act 2000
Land Title Act 1994
Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Act 1909
Murray-Darling Basin Act 1996
New South Wales-Queensland Border Rivers Act 1946
Place Names Act 1994
Queensland Nickel Agreement Act 1970
Recreation Areas Management Act 1988
Registration of Plans (H.S.P. (Nominees) Pty. Ltd.) Enabling Act 1980
Registration of Plans (Stage 2) (H.S.P. (Nominees) Pty. Ltd.) Enabling Act 1984
River Improvement Trust Act 1940
Rural Lands Protection Act 1985
Sewerage and Water Supply Act 1949
Soil Conservation Act 1986
Soil Survey Act 1929
South East Queensland Water Board (Reform Facilitation) Act 1999
Starcke Pastoral Holdings Acquisition Act 1994
Survey Co-ordination Act 1952
Surveyor's Act 1977
Torres Strait Islander Land Act 1991
Townsville/Thuringowa Water Supply Board Act 1987
Valuation of Land Act 1944
Valuer's Registration Act 1992
Vegetation Management Act 1999
Water Resources Act 1989 & Amendment Act 1999

Alcan Queensland Pty Limited Agreement Act 1965 (The Schedule)
Coal and Oil Shale Mine Workers (Pensions) Act 1941
Coal and Oil Shale Mine Workers' Superannuation Act 1989
Coal Industry (Control) Act 1948
Coal Mining Act 1925
Commonwealth Aluminium Corporation Pty Limited Agreement Act 1957
Currumbin Minerals Pty Ltd (Transfer of Treatment Plant) Act 1973
Electricity Act 1994
Electricity - National Scheme (Queensland) Act 1997
Explosives Act 1952
Fossicking Act 1994
Gas Pipelines Access (Queensland) Act 1998
Gas Suppliers (Shareholdings) Act 1972
Liquid Fuel Supply Act 1984
Mineral Resources Act 1989
Mineral Resources (Adjacent Submarine Areas) Act 1964
Mines Regulation Act 1964
Mining (Fossicking) Act 1985
Mount Isa Mines Limited Agreement Act 1985
Offshore Minerals Act 1998
Petroleum Act 1923
Petroleum (Submerged Lands) Act 1982
Queensland Cement and Lime Company Limited Agreement Act 1977 ( Parts II and VI of the Schedule)
Queensland Phosphate Limited Guarantee Act 1975
Thiess Peabody Mitsui Coal Pty Ltd Agreement Act 1962
Thiess Peabody Mitsui Coal Pty Ltd Agreement Act 1965 (Part III of the Schedule)
Water Act 2000
Wild River Act 2005
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On 2 February 2006, under Administrative Arrangements Order (No. 1) 2006, the Department was renamed the Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Water.

The Department is responsible for the following natural resource functions: natural resource management, including forest and water management; Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander land matters including land titles, land interests, native title; Crown Land Quarry Sales; Land management including: allocation and management of State land, compulsory acquisition, land protection, land titles, surveying and mapping, and valuations; Place names; Registrations of valuers and surveyors; from 1 April 2006 - commercial native forest operations (NRMW Forest Products) and commercial quarry activities.

Mines carries out the functions of: minerals and energy explosives, geological survey and environment (including management of mining) mining titles, royalties, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander matters (including Mineral Resources), and undertakes extensive exploration to uncover new areas of mineral occurrence. Included as areas of responsibility are the Resource Development Division, the Saftey in Mines Testing and Research Station [SIMTARS] and that part of the previous Department of Mines and Energy responsible for providing corporate and executive support to the mines function, as well as the Safety and Health Division.

Water: On 2 Feb 2006 the department was re-named the Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Water as part of a strategy to accelerate the delivery of essential water infrastructure in Queensland, the department was given the responsibility of leading a whole-of-government water taskforce.

Minister for Natural Resources and Mines 22 Feb 2001 - 12 Feb 2004
Minister for Natural Resources, Mines and Energy, 12 Feb 2004 - 25 Aug 2004
Minister for Natural Resources and Mines, 25 Aug 2004 - 2 Feb 2006
Miinister for Natural Resources, Mines and Water, 2 Feb 2006 - 13 Sep 2006

Under Administrative Arrangements Order (No. 2) 2006 and Public Service Departmental Arrangements Order (No. 9) 2006, the Department's functions were transferred to two new departments: Department of Mines and Energy; and the Department of Natural Resources and Water.
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Queensland State Archives Agency ID10491, Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Water
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