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Agency ID10315
TitleBrisbane Municipal Council
Agency TypeLocal government authority
Start Date 7/9/1859
End Date 31/3/1903
Date NotesN/A

Created under the Municipal [Institutions]/Local Government Acts to provide local administration and public services in municipalities.

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Series IDTitleFromTo
4109Payment Vouchers (Brisbane Municipal Council) 1/1/1859 31/12/1859
4173Statements of Accounts 7/9/1859 31/3/1903
10800Letterbooks 14/10/1859 31/3/1903
4258Rate Books 1/1/1860 31/12/1863
3615Record of Grants and Certificates of Title 21/12/1861 31/3/1903
4114Correspondence Subject Index 1/1/1863 31/3/1903
4077Auction Sale Book 1/12/1864 4/4/1889
4259Prisoners' Work Record Documents 1/1/1865 31/12/1865
10798Registers of Letters Received 31/8/1875 31/3/1903
4113Transport Licences Register - Brisbane Municipal Council 1/1/1877 31/12/1890
4073Contract Files 1/1/1878 31/3/1903
3618Contracts Book 1/1/1886 31/3/1903
5644Medical Officer's Letterbook 8/9/1887 6/10/1891
4099Register of Property - Brisbane 1/1/1888 31/3/1903
4162Title Deeds and Agreements (various) 31/12/1888 31/3/1903
4260Receipt Book 1/1/1890 31/12/1890
4153Legal Opinions 1/8/1899 31/3/1903
3608Minutes of Greater Brisbane Scheme 1/1/1900 31/12/1901
5452Minute Books 7/2/1903 31/3/1903
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Controlling Agencies

Agency IDTitleFromTo
1161Colonial Secretary's Office, New South Wales 7/9/1859 10/12/1859
107Colonial Secretary's Office 10/12/1859 6/8/1896
123Home Secretary's Office 6/8/1896 31/3/1903
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Information Sources

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Establishing Municipalities Act of 1858 [NSW]
Abolishing Local Authorities Act of 1902
Administered N/A
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The Municipalities Act 1858 [NSW] applied in Queensland prior to and for five years after separation in 1859, until repealed by the Municipal Institutions Act 1864. The former Act provided for two kinds of municipalities based on population and area, viz., towns or cities and municipal districts. Accordingly, on 7 September 1859, Brisbane was proclaimed a municipality within the old town boundaries defined in 1856 under the [Towns] Police Act.

The Municipal Institutions Act 1864 provided for the constitution and administration of municipalities particularly in relation to by-laws, rating and borrowings and the control or regulation of public infrastructure and utilities and the provision of public amenities, e.g. gardens, hospitals.
The function of Municipal Councils under the subsequent Local Government Act 1878 was generally to maintain "the good rule and government of the municipality", and specifically to provide and manage such public services and amenities as roads, bridges and wharves, water supply and sanitation, cemeteries, street lighting, fire prevention and public health services including control of contagious and infectious diseases. Functions also included the regulation of building construction, vehicular traffic and public nuisances and the issuing of licences for markets, carriers and carters, slaughter-houses and abattoirs, etc. Council could also establish and manage such public facilities as hospitals, asylums for destitute children, libraries, botanical gardens and public places of recreation including parks and reserves.

The general powers of local Councils were exercised through the passing of by-laws requiring the assent of the Governor-in-Council.

Municipal Councils were responsible for the administration of their revenue base including rates (general and special), loans, and endowment through Ordinary Revenue and the Municipal Fund. For the purposes of determining rates, Councils were required to value all rateable land within the municipality.

The municipality was governed by a rate-payer elected council comprising a chairman and councillors. Special or general purpose committees were appointed reporting to Council. Council appointed its own officers to administer its business, headed by a Clerk.

The administration of the Council was significantly altered geographically when, on 7 Jan 1888, a separate Municipality of South Brisbane was created out of the South Ward of the Municipality of Brisbane (together with the Division of Woolloongabba).

The Local Authorities Act 1902 consolidated local government and established two classes - Towns and Shires, with the additonal provision for Towns to be proclaimed as Cities. Accordingly, Brisbane municipality was proclaimed a city from the date of commencement of the Act, 31 Mar 1903.

Colonial Secretary [NSW], 7 Sep 1859 - 10 Dec 1859
Colonial Secretary, 10 Dec 1859 - 6 Aug 1896
Home Secretary, 6 Aug 1896 - 31 Mar 1903
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Preferred Citation

Queensland State Archives Agency ID10315, Brisbane Municipal Council
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