Internment and aliens during the First World War

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German migration to Queensland had been actively encouraged in the 19th century and this led to the widespread settlement of Germans across Queensland. Before the outbreak of the First World War in August 1914, German migrants were held in high esteem for their industriousness and agricultural skills. With the advent of war, the intentions and loyalities of German settlers - and other perceived 'enemy aliens' in Queensland - were closely scrutinised by both the Government and the general public.
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Image ID: 25114
Circular from the Commissioner of Police requesting information about Greeks resident in Queensland, 21 June 1916

Image ID: 24715
Correspondence about the alleged possession of rifles and ammunition by enemy subjects, 13 November 1914 - 27 November 1914

Image ID: 24714
Correspondence about the arrest and deportation of Paul Freeman, 9 November 1917 - 18 July 1919

Image ID: 25270
Correspondence including copy and translation of telegrams about the exchange of Australians interned in Germany for Germans interned in Australia, 30 June 1915 - 3 July 1916

Image ID: 24553
Correspondence regarding censored mail from Helmuth Axel Fredrich Bernhard Kortum, J.P Surgeon from Cooktown to Miss M. Kortum, his sister, c/o Mr Kortum Magistrate in Waren

Image ID: 24554
Correspondence regarding the country of origin of consular representatives based in the State of Queensland, 1914

Image ID: 25096
Correspondence regarding the discharge of consular representatives of unfriendly powers due to the outbreak of the war, 11 August 1914 - 14 August 1914

Image ID: 25098
Correspondence regarding the status of naturalised Germans and Austrians having to report to police on a weekly basis, 12 October 1914 - 6 November 1914

Image ID: 24563
Correspondence regarding when and if Mr Sigismund Henlein, Vice-Consul for the Netherlands at Townsville was naturalised by the Queensland Government

Image ID: 25100
Correspondence relating to prisoners of war with instructions on details to be captured by police when a prisoner of war makes their weekly report, 15 January 1915 - 20 April 1915

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